Whats More Fun Than Calling in a Coyote and Busting Him?


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
Calling one in for your son to bust.
My son is here from Missouri for a visit. The call has never produced a yote for him. I so much wanted to call one in so he could experience the rush of watching one come to you. Tonight it happend, PERFECT!!! We made one stand about 3:00 and no results. So we moved to a place I had been wanting to try. We set up and hid our selves in between some sage brush with the sun setting behind us. We were in the foothills and calling up a couple valleys with my FoxPro Fury. I started with a jack rabbit distress, then switched to a Coyote pup distress. I slowly reduced the volume and muted it. I was behind my son running the call. He had the Weatherby SVM 22-250 on a 24" Harris bi-pod. Then he said "one is running right at us." I said "there are two,,take the closest one." Bang .... whack!! He took a follow up at the second one but he shot just over it. Fun stuff!! We will be out tomorrow after them again..




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Re: Whats More Fun Than Calling in a Coyote and Bustig Him?


I remember the first time I called in some for my son. He was 12 at at the time and shooting a single shot Marlin 22LR. We called in 5 on one stand and got 4. He got the first one at about 50 yds, I was lucky enough to stop or call back most of the remaining ones and got the other 3 with my 22-250 (pups of the year, not very smart)...............Great time and fun seeing him get his first coyote though.

Nice Pics and Rig! Thanks for sharing the pics!

"If we don't pass on the tradition, we've only got ourselves to blame when it's all gone."
An excellent way to spend an afternoon, way to go. That dog looks like it may be sporting a nice pelt, pale with nice short guard hair :)
What memories!

Indeed! Since we moved last Sept it is the first time in 21 years that we don't live with or near each other. We are now 1600 miles apart. The time we spend together now is priceless. Especially when we can hunt together. When you watch a young hunter grow and progress it makes a dad proud. For the first time ever he hunted with out me this year in Missouri for deer. I got a text opening morning. "Tag Filled" I got another about 7:00 that evening. It came with a picture of a plate with a nicely cooked loin steak, scalloped taters and greenbeans. He had his deer skinned , cut up, wrapped and in the freezer and was sampling the harvest.

I think he is goung to make it ok with out dad.:)


Nice to see a father and son spend some time together outside enjoying something together, i miss that with my father and do have it with my brother.
That's great!
My son has never coyote hunted with me, but we have done a bunch of hunting deer and antelope.
I finally was with my brother in law and had some come in, he is hooked. They just haven't cooperated with coming to the call in his direction.
Nice Job!!! Took my brother & his twin boys out on Sat. We didnt shoot a dog but the boys got to hear one howl, they thought that was pretty cool. They are 10 yrs, cant wait to take my boy out. Gonna have to wait awhile he is only 2. Great Pics!!
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