What Tripod 4 Bigeyes


Jul 20, 2001
OK so I have a new set of Bigeyes that Darryl built and I am finding that my ol tripod is really a piece of cr$%@. What is a very good, heavy duty tripod that will put up with the weight, but not break the bank?

If anyone has one that is for sale and is interested in trading for a rigged-out compund bow, see my ad in the classifieds for details on the bow.
Check the VERY rugged military tripods (for about $80, IIRC) at www.deutscheoptik.com. You may have to adapt or build an attachment. These are excellent, super-strong tripods in new to nearly new condition. I got one (a Wild) for my Barr & Stroud rangefinder, which doesn't put any serious strain on this husky, like-new tripod.

Hard to beat the Bogan and I have several of them and styles like them also. Some even MUCH more heavy duty then the Bogan.

$200.00 to $350.00

I can send you pics if you wish

Darryl Cassel
Sovietski.com has wooden one's on clearance.Two for $138.00.I bought one and put a Bogen head on it.Work's good enough for me.If your over 6 foot tall it might be a little short.
I think you would be better off getting a good one and you need one for the big eyes. I would also suggest the bogen it will hold up. With something like that you are better off getting the best tripod for the money.
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