BigEyes Question.....


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Daryl & Others,

How much does a set of these weigh and dimensionally, how big are they? Could one & its tripod be carried in the field via a backpack? (I am thinking about dedicating a packframe to carry LRH gear)

The Bigeyes (Bushnell Spacemasters in a bracket) are around 8# and can be very easily carried in a backpack.

We used to wrap them (bigeyes) in bubble wrap, put our down bibs and coat in the pack then the bigeyes along with out food and tripod and head to our favorite high ridge for the day.

Works fine.

John Phillips at 1000 yard nationals had 2-4 sets of variuous lightweight packable bigeyes. Some were made with weaver spotting scopes and the small swifts. Really lightweight and clear for the small size (3-4 lbs max)and price. Obviously not good as the much bigger kowa, swift or bushell sets, but not the cost either. Most were $400-500.
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