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Jan 9, 2002
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I needed REAL good ones. They did not exist. I spent a year looking at all options and now have what I believe to be the ultimate. They are Swarovskis. There will be 4 models in the BigtEyz Predator line. They are available with 20,30, and 45 piece eyepieces. They are obviously expensive and not for everyone.

I got a little carried away and now will have a website "NextCountyOver" in place by startup May 1. I will carry Long Range Optics and Shooting Accessories.

I will carry products from 4 high end optics companies. Products will be added at 1 a month as I ramp up. I will be carrying these to 1000 yd shoots and other gatherings on the EastCoast only to start, so that shooters might look at them first hand.

Pricing will be finalized by the 28th of this month.

I now find it incredible to look through my fine Leica 8 x 50s for scanning and go to the BigEyz and have the same clarity AND true color!! Life is good.

I don't know where to host a picture anymore, so for now anybody interested can email me for a picture.(Please let me know a good picture poster.)

I will remind board members when pricing is complete and the Website is started on May 1st.

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Did you know that many years ago Swarovski marketed a set of big-eyes, two of their spotting scopes in a large shroud-like holder. The eyepieces swiveled in an arc so that you could adjust for correct spacing I believe, at least something moved.

I looked through them many years ago at a writer conference in Salt Lake. They were a catalog item at the time. They were superb, we managed to find elk on a mountain miles away. Jim Morey from Swarovski could tell you about them as he was demoing them at the time.

Good luck with your venture - top quality optics are worth every penny.
Ian, I had heard about them but my Swarovski rep was too young to remember!
Said he was unaware of any. I will be a Swarovski specialty dealer with these bigeyes. There is little in my world as exciting as first class optics that bring far in close.

I hope somebody gives me a posting site for the picture. Got to go do some field testing on hogs at 3:00. Life is tough!!
There's a fella at the NC 1K Club that has a set of those Swarovski's that your talking about. I've used them twice this year during matches for spotting. I don't know if they haven't been taken care of or way out of colmination or what, but I couldn't get them dialed in and had to sue different bigeyes to spot with. Being they are someone else's equipment, I couldn't just go messing with them. But that is the only set of Swarovski equipment I've ever been disappointed in.
I think I have a picture of them from my newsletter photo's I take. Will look tonight.

Good luck with your business. Like I told you before... I would be interested in looking through them at VA sometime.

Here you go!

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Looks like no to the Schmidt and Bender because I am specializing in long range glass and best I can tell they are lower power conventional hunting glasses. Because they represent a better value, I am offering the Kaps Optic line also of Germany. May 1 is D Day!!

Other vendors will be announced soon.

Make some inquiries down there in San Antonio about using my BigEyz for Border work! Probably wouldn't need many pair if from raised towers (Isrealli style)!!
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I will not have a retail location because most of the products are too specialized for the masses. I will be going to the shooters starting on the east coast and letting them touch and feel.

Be glad for you to call me at 730-6379 in Hanover but I warn you, it will be like getting free cocaine. It will change your life forever. Call anytime. Cell 804-690-6868.
Randy where in Richmond are you?
I also am in Richmond, out near the airport, I will wave on my porch and you can see me with those specs u got, lol.
Do you plan on having a retail location or is there some way i can get with you sometime? Been interested in long range shootin but just havnt ever gotten started i reckon , probably to poor lol, I may not have a BIG gun but they used the -06 for long work for years i hear!
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