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Jul 20, 2001
Still debating my bino purchase after much reading and several pre-dusk trips to the local gunstore for brand comparisons. Much has been written about putting together sets out of spotting scopes along with great pics of such by Daryl. Who sells these brackets and what are the various design features?

You can buy the brackets from time to time as certain machining companies make them.
They are found mostly near the Williamsport 1000 yard club and show up there quite often.

The features are, they must move in and out for the persons eye spacing (everyone has a different spacing) and the front part of the bracket that holds the front of the scopes must be adjustable on four points to collimate the one scope to the other.

Expect to pay from $175.00 to $250.00 per bracket. If your putting together the Kowa 82MM the price for the bracket will be a bit higher.

I can usually get brackets if your putting a set together yourself. I'm out of them right now though.

Email me for any other information you might need.

Darryl Cassel
Did you know that many years ago, maybe 12-15, Swarovski actually marketed what you folks call bigeyes. They had a pair of their spotting scopes mated in a one-piece bracket and had them in their catalog - didn't last long, I expect they were too expensive.

I was at a trade show in Utah long ago and they had one set up at their booth - amazing optics.
Yes they did they were 23 x 70s, the bracket had a roof on it to protect the scopes. The ones I saw had great optics--if I remember correctly they cost about $1500 at that time. A gunsmith that used to shoot with us at Williamsport, Pa used to be a dealer for them. Also the eyepieces did not interchange or screw out. Sorry I jumped in here to answer but thought I could be os help. Darryl might know more on it.

Hello Dan and Ian

Yes, I saw those binoculars years ago.

There are some on the market at present like the Kowa Company who have put together a spotter with angle eyepieces and the 82 MM Objectives. The unit is NOT two of there seperate spotters put together. These are built into one unit and the eyepieces are interchangable. The ones I looked through were 35X or 37X, I don't remember.

They were very impressive and the cost was $3500.00 and were the Palimar coated units.

It is hard to beat the 60MM Spacemasters in a bracket with 22X Wide angle eyepieces for the cost of $695.00 to $795.00 new.

Darryl Cassel

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I looked thru a set of the new Kowa binoculars at the Super Shoot last July at Williamsport (the $3500 ones) and they were superb and I believe they were 35x. One guy had a set of the newer Weavers together on a bracket (20 x 50s) up at the shoots, they are small and light weight but looked great also. Nikon also made a pair of Binocular Telescopes (that is what they called them) about 20 to 25 years ago that were nice but high priced. I agree that the Spacemasters or Balscopes cannot be beat for the money. They made the spacemasters with ED glass for a short time if you can find them they are better in low light conditions. If you can find the 27x WA Kowa eyepieces that fit the spacemasters and Balscopes they are also nice especially if your looking 1200 to 1500 yards, the field of view is 131 ft (@ 1000 yds) just 32 feet short of the 22x WA eyepieces. Swarovski (in 1993) made a twin telescope 30 x 75 that cost $2250, I'm not sure if they still make these or not.

Contact R.W. Hart gunshop in Nescopec, Pennsylvania. They make the brackets and usually have them in stock. Jerry Philips from Langhorne, Pa. has them as well.
The bracket I just bought was built by a guy here in Pa.$175.00.They are very light weight and has a carry handle that double's as a peep sight.I also saw one he built that had a cheap scope mounted on it that was used as a finder scope.Worked very well.He has two made now.Let me know if you want one.
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