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Where would one find a bracket or mount for a set of Bigeyes using two Bushnell Spacemasters? Also what would the appox. cost be? After reading the posts about how great these are I am thinking about making a set. Thanks in advance for the information.


Dec 21, 2014
I have a bracket for two spacemasters for sale if you wish.

It will cost $200.00 shipped to you.

hi do you have brackets for spotting scopes ? to make a set of big eyes i'm looking for a set for my meopta S1-75 MM can't find them or who makes them let me know thanks....

wildcat westerner

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Nov 14, 2009
Hello, I have done already what you want to do. Believe me, you do want to do it.
My Big eyes have had fellow shooters drooling at the precise optical accuracy of shooting long range matches and spotting hits on targets. These spotters also have spotted Mule deer lying in shade under a tree surrounded by brush at long distances when higher power optics could not see them.

A mount for these must be colimated properly in order to get the proper optical advantage a binocular has over a spotting scope. Jerry Phillips is your man at Metal Tech inc. 265 Airport road, New Castle, Delaware 19720. Obviously, this mounting is not strapping two spotting scopes in parallel on an aluminum plate. You gain virtually nothing by this method. You will absolutely need a Bogen or really heavy duty tripod to hold this setup stable.

I wish you well in this and hope you do not skimp as this route is the very best way. Long after you have forgotten the price you will benefit from the advantages. I share nothing with Mr. Phillips, but benefit from his excellent workmanship.
Gene S. in NM


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