What Tripod?

Feb 24, 2010
O.C., CA
Just curious as to what tripods people are using out there for their spotting scopes?

Did a search, but couldn't find a thread on tripods. Looking for something sturdy that I can use at the range and in the field.

Weight is a non issue for my purposes with this tripod. Just need something sturdy and having micro adjustments would definitely be a plus.

Check out the Bogen 3058 and 3258. Heavy, but sturdy. Also the Manfrotto geared head 3011.
I have one of the Vanguard Altas that I am trying out. It is stronger that any others I have and it only weighs two more ounces than some other cheaper lightweights that are not so strong. The head is a three dimension movement head and I am used to two two dimensional movement heads so I haven't yet gotten used to that.


There are others there that may interest you if weight is not an issue as it is for me.
if your looking for micro and precise adjustment you deffinatly want to go with a gear head. Manfrotto 055xprob with the gear head or grip head would be my choice.
The Sportsmans, sold on this site is a great alum. tripod, Thread is in backpacking heading I believe
The Velbond Chaser or Sherpa is a good place to start without breaking the bank. Put a Jim White Panhead and your ready for business. NJS
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