what is your scope brand and model and why


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Jul 6, 2002
hello to all shooters on this board

in the aim to add knowledge and share real informations

what the brand of the scope you use ?
what the base and rings brand you use ?
What maximum range you shoot with what caliber

really happy to be on a board with real shooters

good shooting

Good Morning Dan Tec

On my serious rifles..22 rim fires and slug shotgun excluded

I use Leupold M1 LR 3.5 x 10, Nikon 2.5 x 10 Tactical, NXS 5.5 x 22 and a Horus Vision 4x16.

All rifles use Badger Ordnance bases and rings.

223 Rem, 760 yards 69Gr Sierra HPBT
243 Win, 940 yards 107 Sierra and 105 A-Max
6.5 x 284, 940 yards 142 Sierra, 139 Lapua
308 Win, 940 yards 175 Sierra
338 Lapua, 940 yards 300 Sierra. I'll stretch later out by moving further back, off the range... perhaps 1 mile. (The range I use it 760 on the short side and 940 on the long side.)

I use these scopes because they're reliable, tough and fill the requirement(s) for reticle need/desire.

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Dan Tec,

M40 A1 300 wsm 3.5-15 NXS (R2 Ret.)800 yards
A5 300 wsm 5.5-22 NXS ( R2 Ret. ) 1000+ yards
soon to be .308 3.5-15 NXS (R2) 600 yards

Honeslty I had NXS' before then went to all Lupy's. I am now back to all NXS'. For me, I think the NXS' with the lit ret. just offer more for my uses.

Happy Holidays

I've always been a Leuy user and I have their Tactical 6.5–20X50mm LRM1 on my left-handed TBA M40A3.

Recently, I have switched to I.O.R scope line. I find I get twice the optics for 30 to 40% less than leuy and there just as rugged of a scope. I have their fixed 10X tactical with a steel tube which will go on my left-handed AR-15 after the first of the year.

I only use badger ordnance rings and mounts on my rifles. I've haven't found mounts and rings as rugged and that can take the beating badger products can.

That's what I use and it works for me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidyas Everyone!
As of now I am only using 1 rifle. It is a cross between the old M40A1 and the new M24 in 308 cal. I use 2 differant scopes though. Mostly I use a Leupold Mark 4 10x w/M1 turrets. I just took this to 1k today. Typically I use it only out to 800 yards max.

Scope #2 is a nightforce 5.5-22x that I shoot 1k more often with vs the 10x Not that the 10x doesent work, just that the 22x works so much better. Also my 22x has .125 MOA adjustments for a really close shave!

I use leupold QD rings and Baer 20 MOA tapered bases and have MORE than enough travel to get to 1k. Even like today at 15 degrees and my bullets were dropping 408" at 1k, had lots of room to spare.

The glass on both scopes is unmatched!!

The mk4 has a small speck of dirt at 3:00
But it functions flawlessly as does the NF Both scopes have been hit hard and bumped hard in various locations and even dropped on the turrets (ooops!!!) yet they both have never been off not even 1 single click!!

My light cal. varmint rifles I use V-16 Weavers, Baer 20 MOA bases, Leupold PRW rings. Max range for this 22-250, 700 yds.

My McMillan MCRT Tactical is 300 wm, at the moment I have a SS20x "Super Sniper" with mildot system, Badger rings. I also have a Leupold 6.5x20x56 LR, but it's broken and getting ready to send it back, for repair. Max range? I don't shoot this rifle much, it shoots extreamly well, so I keep it as my backup or go to rifle.

My Clay Spencer built 300 wm, Rem. action, Hart 29 1/2" barrel, HS tactical stock, I have a IOR 16x Tactical, MP8 reticle, 100 MOA, I feel this is my best scope. If I can sell my Leupold when I get it back from factory. I will replace it with IOR. Max range I don't know I have used this rifle for 1000 yd BR competitions only. I have Farrell one piece 20 MOA base, with IOR heavy tactical rings.

Welcome to the forum, these are great guys and I know they will like your imput as I do from other forums.

Repectfully, Vern

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Here is a breakdown of what I currently use and what I want - you won't be happy because I am a satisfied USO customer...but they work for me and I have no complaints. I am still waiting for a price on the USO scope that you have posted about - tell me what is wrong and how much you want for it.

EDM Windrunner 50BMG: USO SN9 3.8-22X
EDM 408: Swapped between a USO SN9 and NF benchrest - will sell the NF to help cover another SN9.

Both of these have been stretched out to to the 2K mark, relatively accurately if I did my part. Doping wind and mirage is an asskicker at these ranges IMHO, and the guns are more accurate than I am.

MId Range:
.308/.300WM/.300WSM/.223: Have stretched these guys out to 1200 (.223 to 600 yds) yds using NXS variables or Loopy LR tacticals. Sold these to fund purchasing two sniper's hide SN3's. Was so impressed with the SN9 at long range that I opted for USO for midrange work. They may be a bit overkill in the size/weight department, but if they perform like the SN9 then I will be a very happy camper.

Lots of good choices out there - would steer away from S&B PM scopes these days - their prices have skyrocketed. Their quality is top class, but their scopes are mass production items, and you can have a custom USO for the same prices.

Weaver Tactical 4.5x14x44 AO 1st plane mildot.

Rings are Volquartsen Tactical.

Rail is a Farrell 20moa taper.

Rifle is a M700 in 25/06, 27" NBRSA HV taper, McMillan HTG, etc.

I shoot to 6-700 yards avocationally.

Weaver's high end scopes track exceptionally well, offer great durability, and, when mated with a 1st plane mildot reticle, it is a tough package to beat.

Farrell bases from Sharp Shooter Supply in Ohio were going for about 35 dollars and seem to be worth more like 150.

If USO as you say so much is a real BIG GOOD COMPANY with AMAZING SERVICE TO CUSTOMER they probaly soon respect THEIR WORD a day in the future and perhaps to explain why they have NEVER delivery the SN9 scope I have ordered two year ago too , except explain as airplane fly are unsafe for DR WILLIAMS ...

I have loose enought money with Mister DR Williams and JBW xxxxx ????? to not make discount of full price scope pay that doesn t work but if USO want to purchase back the scopes at real price include the money in USO adventure I have loose I will happy , because delivery faulty scope is unhonnest .

If you own a wonderfull 408 Cheyenne with a wonderfull SN9 what the accuracy you get at 1K and 2K because on this board accuracy of the 408 Cheyenne seem more than strange and what barrel erosion/wear you get you amazing LRB bullet

because if you are happy of USO I could think you use your rifle and really shoot with them

good shooting

I am not here to get in a ****ing contest with you - everyone here knows you hate USO/EDM and bash them at every opportunity. Its a free country brother and that's your right to free speech, but IMHO you are wasting bandwidth and everyone else's time because you are saying the same story over and over (and over) everytime you see any post with the letters USO in it. I would think you have seen enough posts here to indicate that maybe (just maybe) there are actually some satifsfied USO customers out in the world. If you haven't then reread the following sentences several times for understanding: I am a satisfied USO/EDM customer. I am a satisfied USO/EDM customer. I am a satisfied USO/EDM customer...

I have read about your misfortunate dealings with USO (who here on the board hasn't?) and am sorry that it didn't work out for you. But for Christ's sake man, get over it - you don't have to flame at every opportunity. Be a professional, try and work out your business dealings privately, and then if it still is bad give us an update - one or two posts for an update will suffice. If you have severed all contact woth USO and have no additional info to give, then let it rest since you have beat this horse to death in this forum and others.

You wanted to know what people used - I told you. I have had good experiences with USO and am very happy with them. Why flame me, or insinuate that I don't shoot just because I have guns/scopes you don't like. Guess what buddy - my stuff works, I use it, and I am happy with it. Both of my EDM's have been used at near or over the 2K mark, with groups anywhere from sub MOA to several MOA depending on my abilities to dope wind, trigger control, etc. etc. They work for me, I know they work for me, and I feel no need to further justify my shooting resume to a whiner such as yourself.


I doesn t want or need any fight with you I just ask you what level of accuracy you get with your 408 EDM that just a question

if you are happy with this rifle no reason to don't publish accuracy and pictures of target with al informations as load , bullet , primer , range ....on this forum

that all because this forum is a place to share information with other shooter , not a place to fight or get trouble I always find amzing that simple question get no answer that the fact for you ,same for Nighthawk and other as soon as I ask an technical answer I get nothing

I don't spend time on forum to say that I am very happy with this brand or this other brand or make adds for some product ....

the aim or goal of my question is just to know what shooters in fact real shooters use as brand to shoot nothing more nothing less because some new scoipe as Nikon or Funinon arrived on the market ans that interesting to see what % of brand shooters use .

last question :
do you relaod your 408 Cheyenne or do you shoot factory Chey tac ammo

have you visit the USO company because I have spend time in USO company , amazing isn t it ....

last point :
I doesn t hate EDM even if EDM seem very close to USO I just find that their barrel fitting is strange for top accuracy they claim that just a technical point of view BUT I really don t like find gost company as USO or LRB with amazing performances on paper , big show with lot of noise on the net and very few result on the range

good shooting


I want to be clear

I have visit USO two year ago after my first order ( 1.5 year of delivery time ) and three year after first contact at the shot show result is a faulty SN3 with mismatch in order

I have keep contact with USO and DR williams after this visit because NORMALY I was the french agent but unfortunetly I have never get any scope in loan for show ( Minipol show ) and never see my SN 9 delivery by the man name DR Williams

only real information I have get last year IS : you are french and I doesn t want work at all with french people

kind and plenty respect isn' it from a man without World

I am tired to read amazing report on gost product , SCL own a 408 OK wonderfull when I ask what accuracy he get no answer except one half page of explain on " my hate " of USO you say that you have sale your EDM in 338 why not to purchase a EDM in 408 OK

the man on this forum who have put money in a EDM in 408 is in trouble to make nice group at 100 yards and reach claim velocity by LRB , fouling is worth ....

so you can perhaps explain me How a serious rifle builder as EDM if EDM is a serious builder can built and sale rifle in unproven caliber and without any proof of accuracy or even any idea of barrel life !!

Why there is so few information on 408 with real data and real group ?

I am not on this forum to read dream story or the next future amazing 2K group but just to share real informations with real shooter

you say you test rifles for SOF OK why not but from my side I just enjoy to make holes in paper target anf tactical problems or rather tactical fashion is very far from my interest

a question
because you seem to know very well the new USO company built after my visit where is DR williams What happen s with DR Williams and Who is JBW 3 because when a man "disapear " from a company after to have say I AM THE OWNER OF USO I just find that very strange to stay polish

Good shooting

Appreciate your reply - I absolutely agree with you that the forum is a place to share ideas, experiences, etc.

I have shot both factory (pseudo-factory) and hand-rolled ammo in .408. I am set to back to the U.S. in January where I will have access to most of my reloading data - I'll post what I have used then. Relying just on memory - had good results with factory 419gr, pushing 2775 - 2900 fps depending on external and ammo temperature. I haven't tried to hotrod this round since I am by no means an ace handloader, but I don't think its a 3000 + fps round. I know some guys here are tweaking the case to get an addiitonal 5-10 grains of powder to give it more oomph. I would be much happier if sierra or someone else jumped on the bandwagon and offered greater bullet selection, brass, etc. As it stands right now, its cheaper to shoot my .50BMG Windrunner than the .408 - and it shouldn't be IMHO. :-(

The EDM guns are sweet; not very pretty to look at, but the barrel nut set-up they use works. The guns are more accurate than I am if they are fed match quality ammo and the shooter does their part. I really like their takedown ferature and modularity. You can spring for a W-ndrunner and then get bolts/barrels for the same receiver in .408, .338 LM, etc. If they made a downsized version for mid range calibers (i.e. a switch barrel .300/.300WSM/6.5x284, etc. I would buy one in a heartbeat - if the price were downsized to match the smaller gun. :) Of course, a McM Tubb T2K is already out there and offers this capability so maybe its a moot point. Anyway, the EDM's work for me.

I'll get back to you when I am back in the good ol' USA - until then, have a happy new year!

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