What is your recoil threshold poll?

What is your recoil threshold?

  • <15 ft lbs - please don't hurt me

    Votes: 12 4.0%
  • >15 <20 ft lbs - man bun worthy

    Votes: 27 8.9%
  • >20 <25 ft lbs - medium rare

    Votes: 73 24.2%
  • >25 <30 ft lbs - flexing in mirror

    Votes: 50 16.6%
  • >30 ft lbs - rare and slightly moving OK

    Votes: 140 46.4%

  • Total voters
I picked one of these up many years ago and works great especially warm days in T-shirt! I bought it to pattern the new 3 1/2" turkey loads that were "impressive"!
There are really good comments on having better poll but my objective was more along the simple thought how much is too much even one shot. Should have added description for eyebrow removal.,,,

Few years back got an acquaintance into muzzleloading and we were shooting in my backyard. Teaching him basics and loads etc He shoots slugs so I didn't really get into bench technique. So he "wanted" to shoot 120 gr 777 behind 250 Shockwave just to see how it shoots. Gets behind Omega on table and lets it rip. I am looking at target at shot when I hear 💩. Turn and his eyebrow sliced opened and bleeding like stuck pig! So go to house get butterfly on it. Badge of honor!😂

That weekend we went hunting and took break for lunch at a diner near state game area. We sit down and "Flo" came over to take orders. Flo looks at buddy and starts laughing! Says to him "Awwww did somebody try to kiss their scope?" I almost fell out if chair laughing, people around us were laughing and did he get peed off at me! He thought it was a set up and I couldn't convince him I never said a thing to her! Never saw her before! I don't think he ever believed I had nothing to do with it! Said its a diner in hunting country so if course she sees this! Nope not buying that!!!😂
So all I read is how much recoil affects a lot of shooters so wondering what is your threshold? Is the recoil from poor shooter form? Lightweight rifles? Heavy bullet? Big bore cartridges? Or even smaller stature of shooter? Don't like needles?

I am hoping to beat the hate the cartridge thread number of pages...,,,
I don’t mind needles or recoil, I mean look at my handle. I shoot my 338 Lapua and don’t even think about it!
My 270 went from hurting a little with an older ADL shiny stock with the plastic butt plate to much more pleasant in a cheap synthetic stock with a Limbsaver. A Montana Rifle Company 7RM was as nice to shoot as any of my rifles I assume due to a little weight and stock design, only sold it because it was too close to my other rifles in utility and it was more expensive to feed.
My Kimber 30-06 is nearing the chopping block since I have been forced to shoot left handed. Just don’t handle recoil the same on that shoulder and I’m considering something with a bolt on the left side.
Typically…3 days before opening day, excited hunter brings gun to range to verify zero. Ends up needing to make adjustments and shooting 10-15 rounds of adjustment sighters and a little “practice”.

Goes off hunting with a thoroughly tenderized shoulder …feels it every time he raises his coffee cup….fires 2 shots to make his kill…wipes away the involuntary tears…beats his chest with the arm attached to his non-shooting shoulder…ponders a new rifle in 243 Winchester or 6.5 creed…begins growing his manbun and cursing Newton’s law.
I can still tolerate recoil,but don't enjoy it. As I get older I find that I like my varmint cartridges more than the big game ones.

About a year ago there was another shooter at the range shooting a Ruger #3 carbine in .458 Win mag. He asked if I would like to try shooting it. I shot a few rounds , but it wasn't as much fun as shooting it would have been 40 years ago. I think part of the problem is that with age came some weight gain and I don't roll with the recoil, just absorb it.
I grew up shooting slugs off bench so I was "calibrated" to heavy recoil. But I will say the worse rifle for recoil I ever shot was an Encore rifle 24" Pro Hunter contour barrel in 500 S&W! That rifle killed 3 scopes, base and had to go to 4 ring set up.! It was crazy how accurate it was but the recoil velocity was like rattler strike so fast! Imagine a 7.5 lb rifle with 325 Barnes at 2100 fps! Long eye relief 4" or ER.

I put a 20" Katahdin 500 S&W bbl on my Encore for a while. That thing was BRUTAL!! The accuracy wasn't great, even with the Leupold 2X scope on it. I figured that the rifle's platform just wasn't robust enough for such a powerful cartridge.

I was happy to move that bbl/scope along even though I took a noticeable loss on it.

I picked one of these up many years ago and works great especially warm days in T-shirt! I bought it to pattern the new 3 1/2" turkey loads that were "impressive"!
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I started turkey hunting with a Mossberg 835, 3 1/2", man it was a monster. I sold it and bought a 3 1/2" 870 SPS, much better. In December of 2012 I had surgery on my shooting shoulder, come spring I was still sore and was afraid the 870 would damage my shoulder so I bought a 1187 3" 20 gauge. After finding the right choke/shell combo I wouldn't trade it for five 3 1/2" 12's if I had to hunt with one.

About the same time I bought the 835 a friend of mine who was smaller in stature bought one, he wore a life jacket while testing ammo. LOL

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