What is your favorite 6.5mm round?

My favorite is the 6.5 Sherman. That could be because I designed it though:D:D:D
Actually, it does perform very well. It's a redesigned .270 case that holds exactly the same amount of powder as the WSM. Case life is excellent as well as accuracy. I can push a 140 grainer at 3200 with a 26" barrel but case life is short at that pressure. At 3100-3150 my cases last 15 firings on one trimming....Rich
P.S. I'd consider loaning my reamer if you were interested......
6.5 WSSM:cool:

i use a 260 rem and love it ! it's not about the last 100fps , it's about hitten em where it counts??
I'm quite happy with my 6.5 WSM. It is the short action ballistic twin of the 264 WM. Either of those two rounds would offer superb performance. What it would boil down to is do you want a short action or a long action. Of course, several of the other rounds would perform nicely, especially the 6.5-284, 6.5-06 and the AI version. The STW would be a screamer but would have the biggest powder appetite and I would expect the shortest barrel life.
my new favorite is, (well i dont know the name or exact specs yet,not mine) , 6.5 based on the lapua case. 130 accubonds at 3450fps and 142 smk at 3375. straight through 12mm 400 bisalloy at 450meters. all in a 7pound rifle including a leupold mark 4 6.5-20x50:D:D
I agree with Jamie6.5. The .260AAR is a great round not too many people are familiar with. One that never gets mentioned is the 6.5 Rem magnum. I have one in a model 673 and it is very accurate and hard hitting.
Thanks for all of the input. I will have to do some research on some of these to see which one I want, but the 6.5 wsm looks to be a real contender. Thanks again.

I am making this same decision now and would like to hear some thoughts on the

6.5 Rem mag, and why it is always overlooked.
I am making this same decision now and would like to hear some thoughts on the

6.5 Rem mag, and why it is always overlooked.

The main reason it is largely over looked is because it was built on the same format as the 350
Remington mag (A very short barreled 600 action with a vented rib) and was doomed to poor
accuracy and velocity for a round that should have been much better. Also at the time the 6.5
diameter bullets were not popular and choices for bullets were few.

I have built several 6.5s on blue printed 700 actions with custom 24"barrels and they are very
accurate and velocities are where they are supposed to be. And with all of the NEW bullets
they are very impressive on game.

The down side is available ammo , but if you reload they are very easy to load .

They are also belted (A problem for some but not for me).

They were one of the first Short Mags designed and at the time when Most people wanted big
and long cases not short fat cases.

As far as availability of ammo the 260 rem is still one of the easiest to buy and performs well
on deer size game out to 600 yards and has won many 1000 yard matches.

The 6.5 Rem Mag is more powerful and closely matches the performance of many wild cats.
so compare the balistics of all the 6.5s and then availability of ammo and components and
then decide which one fits your needs.

6.5x55 Ackley Improved 40 ^ shoulder, hands down an accurate cartridge. while fire forming 85grain serria varminter loads bug holes are the norm, final loads with 123 grain match kings will print sub .125" groups consistantly. Ballisticly slightly behind the ever popular 6.5x284, I would put the Ackley up against the best of em!
Mine is a 6.5 dakota,love it,140 grain,3500 fps,.615 bc,or 107 grain-3830 fps,120 grain 3785,100 grain-4018 fps,85 grain-4179 fps. Had a 264 wm, this is much more accurate.
I went 6.5-6mm rem AI (6.5 257 roberts, 6.5x57AI) after finding a reamer at the right price and it has turned out to be very accurate considering its built on a old 98K and used barrel....very happy with it. It shoots better than I can putting three shots through one hole until I lost the plot blowing the group out to .7":rolleyes: Have yet to push the preasures but I have had it over 3k with the 140amax and still no sign of preasure:cool: It feeds well and should go ok on the barrel:)

6.5x47 is a sweet little round if you want speed on a tea spoon of powder
6.5 wsm if its a hunting rig is a good one as well then you could fill the page with good 6.5 cases
I'll throw my 2 cents in. The .256 Newton. All the new ai cartridges and wilcats are chasing velocities that you could get with this 6.5 cartridge in the 1920's.
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