What is the longest shot you have made on a live target

450 yards with a Stevens bolt action and hand loads using a .243 Winchester and a Nikon scope! Last time I will try that! I have the mushroomed Nosler Ballistic tip mushroomed out in a bowl. Found the bullet just under the skin in the off side. Just not enough energy at that distance.
If you recovered the bullet, it was enough
851 yards on a Blesbok in South Africa.
Longest shot? Not quite. But luckiest guess? Yes.

It was the 90's. I had no money, so a 3-9 Leupold was all I could afford. Forget a rangefinder. Not in the cards.

Dead cow in the middle of a field. Coyote eating the cows backside.

I get down on my bipod, can't see the coyote for the terrain, but, I can barely make out the hump of the bloated cow.

I calculate where the coyote is probably standing in relation to the bloated cow belly. I held over the horizon about 36" guessing that there was going to be a yote there when the bullet dropped in, let one loose and smacked him.

I couldn't reproduce that shot if I had to, but I did pull it off once.
coyote 903 - 22-250 80 gr Berger target
Cow elk 938 - 300 win 180 gr Barnes x
Antelope 874 - 22-250 80 gr Berger target

All in Montana
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