What is the hardest big game tag that you were able draw?

I am new to hunting....& almost 64yr old. I have zero points anywhere.....it is highly discouraging.....wife thinks im nuts for even trying at my age.

I'm pretty sure that Wyoming does or at least did, give out a few licenses to hunters that don't have the maximum amount of points.If true, there's a chance……a "snowball's chance"!

I betting though, that the odds of getting that license are pretty close to winning the Powerball! ☹️ memtb
I really appreciate the replies to my thread. I love to hear the "lucky" stories and also the perseverance that many of you have for that "lifetime " dream. Hopefully these stories will help those still waiting and also serve as an example of the possibilities if you get lucky or do your time. Thanks everyone!
Believe it or not I've drawn both once in a lifetime Oryx and once in a lifetime Ibex in NM.


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I drew a Montana moose tag about 9 years ago after only 7 years of applying. Because of the wolf problem that the huggers have caused up here, they wouldn't quit moving around so I had problems finding one. It took 46 actual hunting days but I finally got a decent one. Now I'm hoping for a sheep tag before I can't get up the mountain anymore.
I drew a sheep tag in Washington State last year with 22 pts. and 70 years old ,shot a nice ram on the 9th day of the hunt . not as big as I wanted. It was in the Manson unit on the North shore of lake Chelan and is only accessible by boat. 2 1/2 hour hike on a 32 degree slope and came back to the boat in the dark. Once in awhile thing happen that can't be explained . 47 years before I drew a goat tag for the same unit and shot a nice goat within 1 mile from where I shot my sheep, but had to spend a night on the mountain. Hope I can draw a bull moose tag 22 pts. now and become one of the few to harvest all three of the once in a life time tags in WA.