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Mar 29, 2004
Canterbury NZ
Im after some advice on bullet selection for a 338 Lapua 26" barrel. 225 SST, 250 Scenar or the 300 SMK. I currently use the SST but really want to wring the best out of the calibre. most shots 300-750m. Any help would be great. The 300's are expensive in nz @ over $1 each
. SST's @ 55c each. do i really need the 300's? despite the cost im willing to use them.


I like the 300 SMK for mine. For the range you mention I hear the 250 Scenars are good.

I personally like the 300 SMKs because I'm a one load/rifle guy.


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana

SO far testing the 338 Kahn I built for my 2000 yard rifle, the 300 gr Sierra is performing very well.

I will be getting a shipment of 300 gr ULD bullets from Wildcat bullets here pretty soon to test them as they have a B.C. substantially higher then the Sierra.

They also are working on a 350 gr ULD design for the 338" as well. Both of these bullets use a Rebated Boattail design which I have found to aid in throat life and accuracy.

For your needs though, the 338 Lapua has plenty of Horse power to muscle the 250 gr pills out to be completely effective at your 750 meter range.

In fact at top velocities, the 225 gr Nolser Accubond would probably shoot flatter then the 300 gr Sierra because of its velocity advantage. This would certainly not hold true at longer ranges but it would at shorter.

I would recommend the Sierra bullets but at $1 ea, thats pretty spendy.

Run the top lods over the ballistic calculator and I think the 225 gr and 250 gr BT's will suprise you at the ranges you wish to shoot at.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)


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Aug 22, 2003
I've got a 26" barrel on my PGW timberwolf .338 Lapua. The 300SMK are the only bullet I use. They shoot really well.

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