Weight loss for an old friend


Nov 12, 2003
Hi guys love this site!i need some help though .Although im planning on buying a new Tikka t3 lite stainless probably in 270 WSM(any thoughts or comments on this choicewould be appreciated ) My problem is Ijust cant bear to part with my first hunting rifle .Like myself she seems to be getting heavier every year!So my only choice9is tokeep her and give her a richly deserved upgrade!Its a Sako Finbear in 30-06 with a leuopold 3-9vari x 3 she still shoots as good as the day I got her.Took a big bodied 5-5 Whitie day before yesterday that should go around 160.Paced it off at 340 yards(got to get range finder)But as with everything there is always room for improvement. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Have been doing a lot ofhunting on horseback for the last 5-6 years so it needs some refinising!(scabbords and sweatty horses not to mention the Rockies are hard on Guns)So Go Big Or GO Home Need to know? Synthetic thumbhole Muzzel brake I know this will add weight but the body aint what it used to be.Barrel fluting? the Finbear has alot of meat in the barrel; Iwant to improve accuracy and lose as much weight as possible without having to remortgage! Looking foreward to hearing from as many of you as possible.THANKS and keep up the great work!
Gordair2002, another Canuck!! good stuff.

As to your question the options are fairly limited without going into a lot of rebuilding. The first is fluting the barrel. That can reduce weight around 1/2lb depending on barrel contour. Ron Smith at RKS would be a good gunsmith on the fluting. He is in Calgary at 403-631-2405.

Second would be to hollow out the stock. Guessing that this one has a wood stock. Drill out the foreend and butt, put in one layer of 6oz fiberglass with epoxy resin to seal and to stop splits, fill with expanding foam (home crack sealers - Mono). The stock work could reduce another 1/2lb.

you could also see if there are any composite stocks made for your rifle. They tend to be around 16 to 20oz so would save a lot of weight and are durable against horse and scabbard. pricey though.

Beyond that there is fluting the bolt, machining the action. That gets expensive.

You could also look at a lighter scope. A fixed power is usually lighter. Now we get into hair splitting like lighter rings, trigger guards, etc. Probably save a few ounces overall.

The T3 sounds like a great way to go and light out of the box. That Sako may be better as a platform for a LR cannon.

Good luck...

Thanks Jerry Canuck EH where from? Remember Nothing dies unless theres lead in the air ! Any idea how to set up the signatue in profile?
No clue about changing profile info. I am in Summerland BC just north of penticton.

Nice place to live...and shoot.

Hi Jerry Summerland is a nice spot havent done any hunting out that way but i have seen a lot of game! Parents retired just outside Vernon ; done some great flyfishing in your general area. Good luck with the rest of this season!
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