Weaver 6-24 V series mil dot

thumbs up to it and their Grand Slam 6.5-20 version. I consider both to be best buys. Excellent performance for money spent. Equivalent to Leupold VX3 but less costly (by about $150!)
I have no experience with that particular model, however, I've owned numerous Weavers and been very pleased with them.

My LR rifle sports a Weaver 4.5x14x44 Tactical with a first plane mildot. I adore this scope. I ran it through a series of grueling field tests and stayed in touch with Weaver techs as I went along. The scope took it all in stride.

It's not perfect but it's still on my rifle.

Good luck to you.
Never that one but I have had tons of the V16's. They should be priced three times what they are.

Heck, I use one on my LG five years ago, using a 30 Baer cub case. It never lost impact, it took some abuse. Clear and bright, can't say enough. I also have one of the BR 24's one of the best scopes I ever owned for target shooting.

Repectfully, Vern
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