Waterproof Hunting Pants

Triple BB

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Dec 12, 2002
I have several pairs of packable and lightweight rain pants. However, I'm looking for some pants that are more on the lightweight side and waterproof. I usually deer hunt on horseback and in the morning when we ride through the willows the dew makes your thighs wet. Same if you have to sit down in the morning grass or weeds. My old waterproof pants were from Cabela's. They've leaked for a number of years and its time for something new and better. Any suggestions?
Sitka and kuiu both make some pretty good waterproof pants. Not cheap but good quality. One of my biggest issues with a lot of the waterproof stuff is that it's not very quiet. One company that I thought made a decent waterproof stuff and was fairly quiet is core4element. Don't think they are even in business any more. Not sure this helps, good luck with your search.
I concur with DMJ. SItka and Kuiu both make great gear. I would look towards both of their midweight waterproofness pants as they are still light enough to hike in but offer added durability. The day someone makes a completely quiet waterproof pant will be the end all be all. They are all noisy to some degree.
Firstlite is making good stuff. Also ended up with a pair or Magpul pants that are DWR treated, lightweight, and stretchy. Surprisingly good for the price I found them at. Would a DWR finish work for just dew or do you need downpour protection too?
I use and abuse Sitka and Kuiu. They are tough to beat. Make sure that what ever rain jacket you buy has pitzips or you will get wet from the inside out! If you want the best waterproof and fairly breathable raingear at a super reasonable cost check out Marmot Precip. I have around 3 pairs of them that I have used and abused in Alaska, Colo, and Wyo. They don't come in camo but at $50 each they are an incredible bargain!

When I'm on a boat or inactive in Alaska I often wear Helly Henson. They can take rain but don't breath.....again make sure the HH rain jacket has pitzips!
I've been running First lite Seak Storm tight for 3 years now up in north Idaho where it seems to rain every day during hunting season (except when it snows lol). It will definitely keep you dry if you manage the vents. It's not super quiet but an old whitetail trick I use is to wear an oversized light cotton or poly camo top over the rain gear. Works pretty well.
Picked up a used set of Cabelas GoreTex pants and jacket from a sale my old neighbor had before moving. $25 for the set I think. Been using them for almost 8 years now? Works great.

(and yes- I'm cheap like that)
I’m done with first lite and meat eater or anything Steve rinella. Sell out to a liberal anti gun anti hunting owner.