Want to head out west, first time ever.


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA
Hello everyone,

I am very interested to go hunt the west this year. I am only able to hunt during thanksgiving however, due to school.

I also dont have a hunting partner and am wondering if anyone else is in the same kind of jam. Wants to go hunt but doesn't have anyone to go with. I may end up just going alone and am looking for any advice, from what i've read i am pretty set on hunting wyoming. Still studying what areas but havent put in for anything yet.

Just generally looking for any advice to help out a newbie. Im not too new to LR hunting, just havent gone out west yet.

If anyone is even just a little interested in joining me/letting me join their hunt, shoot me a pm.

Things are froze up, cold, windy and snowy that time of year. It will be hit or miss if you can actually hunt. If you really want to go there are some late season cow elk hunts that might give you a good chance.

Better idea is to learn to bow hunt and go archery hunting in August. Weather is nice the animals are tame and roads are good.

You can look at muzzle loader seasons also.
I do some bow hunting, and muzzle loader but for me personaly i want to go west 1. for the experience of a real live-out-your-car/backpack hunt and 2. to get some real long shots in that i cant find too easily here on the east coast.

A cow hunt would also be interesting, and yeah it will be very cold, was also thinking about hunting antelope in texas. I read there are some on private ranches there aswell. Will probably have to wait for 2012 before i can hunt the west in september or october.

Thanks for the info Buffalobob, by the way, your story about your 2month hunt after retiring was a major force behind my drive to hunt the west. That is the kind of hunt i can only dream of.
Antelope hunting in Texas sounds pretty appealing at least weather wise and I think you'd probably have a good opportunity at long ranges.
I am not familiar with wyoming, but along the lines of what buffalobob was saying, the west can be nasty that time of year.

Here in the upper northwest corner of Montana my hunting range has gotten smaller by that time of year, and a hunter will want a 4x4 with a shovel, tire chains, fire starter, etc., for safety.

Hiking will usually be for none but the most serious hunters as well because the snow can be feet deep and the potential for a blizzard is very real. The last several years have been mild, but it always comes back.
Thanks for the input guys. I guess i wasnt fully thinking about the weather. I usualy dont really care about the weather when i hunt, but i remember reading some stuff now and i agree, it could get real nasty.

I will look into hunting TX, i know you can get guaranteed tags, but like Nomadpilot said, it's texas, so bring your wallet. I will check out the link (thanks) and the outfitter im going to hunt hogs with in 3weeks ago does antelope hunts so ill see what he charges to get a comparison.
If you don't mind sharing how about letting us know what the comparison looks like.
Sure thing. The guys my dad and I go hog hunting with are called Pope Brothers Guide and Outfitting Service. Had a blast last time and booked our next hunt with them about a week after completing the first. Their antelope hunts are prices well. Check out the link to see prices, add on's etc. Unfortinualy, doesn't look like the season runs during a holiday for me to go hunt... Will have to see but doesn't look too good.

Antelope Hunts from Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting
Mt. hood (Oregon) Maupin and White River units are open November 6th thru14th for Elk. (bull with at least 1 visible antler.....it can have way more than 1). Weather usually isnt too bad. And if the snow is too nasty, just move down a couple thousand feet from Hood to 1 of the other 2 units.
Drive till you see tracks in the snow, get out and walk and dont come back till somethings dead or its dark. I prefer the White River unit my self for the years Im not drawn for the tag I want. Most it snowed last year was 8" one night, and the usual 2-4'' most other days. Melts off quick tho.........usually.......
Heres the link to Fish and Feathers
I am in the same boat with school and work myself. Would like to go out west and shoot a speed goat or eld or mule deer. The problem i run into is the money. I cant see spending 3 thousand pluss right now to do so. I am being told my job will be no more come sept 30 so i am limited to what i can spend. If anyone has any speed goats they want killed or know of anyone let me no. I ant looking for the new world record animal or anything just a average will do.
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