Using mil dots as a holdover

I just bought a Falcon FFP 4-14 mil/mil and was thinking about mounting it on my Edge to test it. The Edge killed three $1500 3-18 FFP IOR's and has sent my $1200 Leupold packing a couple times. I wanna see how this $400 scope compairs.
I have Darrell Holland's Ultimate Mil Reticle on an XP-100 6.5 WSM handgun. Shooting the 140 A-Max the 1st shot out of this rig with new scope (on a game animal) was a 435-yd. coyote calcd. at 1.5 mil holdover. At the bullet's impact the dog stood up spun a couple times and fell over dead.
Thanks Lever-hed, I'll give them a read. The Falcon seems like a great deal on a FFP scope, a little too heavy for my taste, but still a great deal. Who has them in stock regularly? Ever vendor I found on the net is out.
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