Using Hornady ELD Match bullets for hunting - 300 Win Mag

Les in Wyoming

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Oct 10, 2020
Glenrock, Wyoming
Honestly, I didn't give it much thought until I read another thread dealing with problems using target bullets for hunting. I bought some 208 gr. ELD match bullets. Shooting them with 76 grains of H1000. It is a new gun and my first 300 Win Mag. I am still working on my seating depth, but it is pretty much hitting sub-moa. These bullets have the plastic tip. I have had the gun almost a month. I have killed 2 Antelope and a mule deer. Ranges 104 yards to 350 yards. The damage was more than what I normally get with 30-06 and 7mm-08. But if these match bullets are for target shooting, then should I not be using ELD-X bullets?
Personally I think there is enough threads & info on here & plenty of other forums to give you enough information on the subject.


You will find all the information for & against the use of target & specifically the ELDm's on game.

At the end of the day its purely a choice as if you hit an animal in the right place with anything it will go down..............eventually.

Hit animals in the wrong place & with the wrong projectile you could pull of something like this.

Ive been using the 225 eldM in my 300wm and Ive taken more game than I can count whitetail, pigs and elk from 200-1730yds. (Estimated whitetail close to 100, dozen of pigs and now 5elk)

I use them with absolute confidence and have had zero issues. Load them and kill with them! Only difference in the X vs M is the M has a straight jacket and the X claims to be tapered. They are both fairly thin and rapid expanding. I cant tell the difference so I lean to the M's for their high BC,
Happy Hunting

edit: I also use or witness the eldM used in 338edge, 7rem and 6.5grend. results are consistent across the board in all calibers based on their impact velocities. NOTE: I'm not into meat savings, I like things dead quick. If your trying to minimize meat loss then look at something else. If you want a devastating hole then the eldM is your bullet
Thanks for this input. This was my experience too. But didn't know if it was just by chance, seeing they are not specifically made for hunting. After seeing another thread of someone using another brand of match bullet with poor results on animals, I thought I should check. This forum is a great resource.
Ive used 6.5mm 140 amax-eld-m for years. Also used the 7mm162 eld-m/amax and last year switched to the 180 eld-m in my 7mm. The eld-m is probably one of the best if not the best bullet I've ever used on whitetail and black bear.
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