Ultralight Striker in 338 Win Mag/ Patriot 338


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Oct 2, 2008
Kodiak, Ak

Nitride process on a stainless barrel and application_ Velocity gain? OH yeah!
Is it hard? Could not touch it with a hacksaw,file,coal chisel. Carbide endmill- not a scratch.

Someone was on the phone when I used my hacksaw and brand new file on the action and barrel. I set the phone down right where I was scrapping away. Then he listened while I used a coal chisel to lock the nut in place! The picture does not even come close to describing the beauty of this stainless setup. Hard? Not a mark!

More tomorrow!

It is tomorrow and Lisa just got finished downloading the video! SO here are a few details.
This is a 6.7 pound 338 Win Mag and it did not gain any weight on it's trip away from home. The bolt lift which isn't commonly smooth now lifts as good as any action I have ever felt and definitely better than any factory. I headspaced this thing tight.
Several weeks ago I came up with a load that isn't published using Rel 17. As the video will incidate that same load was fired in the treated gun prior to doing a ladder test. Actually, both the 200gr Accubond and the 210 Partition loads were the same from several weeks ago. Velocity gain????? OH YEAH! I was told 100fps. I got 97 on one bullet and 108?? or so on the other. Then came the ladder test.
Can you think of 3000fps from a 17" 338 Win Mag with a 200 grain bullet? I was also told that the largest gains are coming from larger powder capacity cases.
Now invision that I am not near max load on my 19" 338 Edge handgun. The velocity is 2950fps so add another 100fps without adding powder. Now from what I have just experienced and mind you the testing is every day and several more of my barrels are traveling, add 3-5 grains more powder to the Edge!!!!

I ran a tight dry patch through the bore and it came out with virtually nothing on it. The barrel never got warm to the touch but it was 28 degrees this morning.

When you click on youtube go to the bottom right corner where four arrows are located in the little box. Click on it and you can read the velocities just like it happened. I just viewed it from here and it did not show the box to make it full screen.


YouTube - Patriot 338
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you guys are getting to me with these pistols. i might not be able to talk myself out of one much longer. would one of these used (savage) in 7/08 for $695 be a decent buy? includes a scope but probably not what id need. also are the bolt faces interchangable with rifles?
OK Neal...Need more details. Who does this? How much does it cost? What is the wait time? How about long guns too? Do you see any downside yet?
This guy better get a bigger shop. He's going to be busy:)
Man Neal, looks and sounds awesome I'm deffinately sendng my stuff to him. I can't wait to get that stock. Maybe I'll have my barrel in a month or so, then I can get some pics up and show off how sharp your stock looks.

Let us see now.

Yobuck: If what you are referring to is actually a handgun now $695 with a Burris or name brand scope is quite reasonable. I haven't looked lately but I am thinking the Burris 3-12 handgun scope is over $500.00 New. $450. for the stock 7X08 striker is a good price and $550. seems to be the going rate from what I have seen. Every important piece on a Savage is interchangable simply by dis-assembling and replacing parts. To go from 7X08 to &WSM requires a bolthead and firing pin assembly change. I am a singleshooter so you will have to talk to the rifle guys on which way to change the feed magazine.

Trace: I have a hardened 24" 300WSM barrel on its way back to me as we speak. $100. for the barrel treatment or $140. for the barreled action. I have a smoking 6.5 something or other headed that way now and a 300 something or other, both 19" barrels. Trace, 3 days after leaving Kodiak Alaska it was being dipped. Four days later it was on its way back to the smith. % days of sitting at Fedex because they could not bill out the faded label. 4 more days and it is in my hand. All of this including weekends.
Down side? 500 hours in a saltwater spray and they gave up, calling it good with no sign of corrosion. In three years and a hundred barrels not one lost accuracy and many improved accuracy. A number are competitive shooters and haven't shot a barrel out yet. I am holding judgement on acuracy based on not enough shooting and not enough barrels tested.

Two BIG down sides! There are newby's and semi-copy cats not doing the same quality work as where I sent my stuff. He has been at it forty years! The other. If you forget something or change your mind after the process? What do you think your smith buddy is going to charge you to grind the stuff off so that he has access to unhardened steel. Better yet you just drop your shooter off without telling him the surface is 70R. Not sure that this qualifies as a downer but that bore after shooting today is the funkiest color I have ever seen.

Mr Dodd sir: Think of my dilemma. If I tell where to have it done then my wait times go way up, Another thought, if I don't tell, not a soul can touch my velocities in any caliber and I will never wear out a barrel! Sure is a good thing I am not in a business making guns! As always I am here to share experences so we can all enjoy something new or different.

I am not going to recommend this yet because if it does not have the accuracy I require then for me it is not worth $5. bucks.

As always Neal good read I know you will keep us posted, I can't wait to here afew of your hunting storys this year.

God bless,

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