Striker in a rifle stock?


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Jan 16, 2009
Frankfort, Kentucky
I am looking at a Striker, for the pistol aspect, but was wondering if the Striker, with a rear grip rifle basix trigger, with a 16" barrel, would be fit in a normal savage stock?
Yes -depending on the particuler stock whether the holes will line up.
Yes- but the moment its attached it becomes a rifle by federal law.

I will swap you a Savage rifle action for that STriker.


I don't know about all Stikers, but the holes in the one I have don't line up with the holes for a rifle short action. Also you have a left hand bolt and a right hand port, you would have to make modifications to either a R or L handed rifle stock.

You can make a pistol into a rifle, but a rifle cannot be made into a pistol with less than a 16 inch barrel.
If your looking for a stock that you can make a 'rear grip striker' out of Neal(hammertyme) is your guy. He sells stocks that will do exactly what you want.
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