Rifle scopes for a Striker


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Jul 5, 2008
My Striker should be done in the next week or two, and now I think I want to get a new scope for it. I have a Burris 3-12x pistol scope that was on the gun before. But I want to get higher quailty optics, and high magnification.

My concerns right now, are eye relief and durability of scopes in my price range of $800 (this budget includes any money I get from selling the current Burris scope). The gun is chambered in 338/375 Ruger and will (obviously) have a muzzle brake, and will probably weigh about 10#. I just want a scope that is durrable, has good eye relief and good optics.

If I had the money I'd go staight for the Nighforce or Mk 4 scopes. As much as I hate to admit it though, they're just out of my budget. Even the used ones are out of my league. So that brings me to the next level down. I can probably get a VX-3, Bushnell 4200 or 6500, Burris Signature, or Nikon Monarch. I have a few Leupolds (VX-3s and Mk 2), a few Bushnell 4200s, and a Nikon Monarch. I'm happy with the optics on any of them, I just don't know how suitable they are for Specialty Pistols.

So what do you more experienced SP shooters think? This would be my first rifle scope on a handgun, so I'm starting from ground zero.

I use a vari-x 3 6.5x20 with a holland qd on my 7wsm and I can get a full field of view. With a good brake you'll be fine. My dad has a 338wsm and uses a similar scope with a muscle brake from Jim See @ centershotrifles.com. I believe there is a video on this site of the 338wsm on a savage target action(10-11lbs) shooting the 200 and 250 accubonds, it will give you a idea as to the recoil. Other wise you might talk to Ray Prager on here, he has a 338/375ruger on a striker...
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Here's a link to the video's of the 338wsm with the 200 and 250 grain bullets

I always keep a pretty firm grip and started out backed way off of the scope, but now I bet it comes within fractions of an inch of my safety glasses. Be careful, it will become addictive! How far do you plan to shoot?

I think anything you listed would be fine, my buddy was using a nikon monarch for a while with no problems. But I love my leupolds...
Thanks for the help so far guys. The brake that's going on there is one of the Muscle Brakes from Centershot Rifles. I've heard a lot of very positive feedback about them, including some of the videos you linked to Zuba. I'll admit though that I'm not completely convinced that there's no significant back blast. I've just had such bad luck with muzzle brakes in the past that I'm hesitant to buy into it all until I've shot it. Just thinking about the slap in the face that I get from factory muzzle brakes makes my head hurt.

Maybe I'll start checking in the Classified section here and on Ebay to see if I can catch a deal on a used Leupold or Bushnell.

I won't be shooting at any extreme ranges. It's hard just to find a safe place to shoot out to 300yds around here. If I'm lucky I could swing 500yds, but that's very unlikely. The only places where you get any kind of distance are in the clearcuts around here. But then you have roads and trails that cut through them. And most of the property is owned by Weyerhauser who allows hunting, but no target shooting. By the time you find a spot in the National Forests, you're up around 3500 feet and it's snowed in until May or June. I love living in Western Washington, but this side of the mountains isn't very long range friendly.

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Iv got a 4200 Bushnell and love it> Cant get pictures to load.
Yorke 1, you won't be dissappointed with the Muscle brake, I have one on my 338 Ultra mag and I love it. It kicks less than a 308 and there is no back blast towards the shooter at all.
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