Video: Striker in 338 Edge


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Oct 2, 2008
Kodiak, Ak
YouTube - 338 Edge velocity testing

Range day November 13th, 2009

Ran-now snow-35 degress slight breeze in the face

338 Edge
19" 3 groove benchmark barrel
Muscle brake (small) Generation ll -NO TOP PORTS by

First I would like to correct myself from a previous post. Did not use my Prochrony first. Used the Pact chrony. Today I used the Prochrony and found the velocities roughly 35fps slower on the Prochrony than the Pact!

Load 1 Nosler 200 Grain Accubond bullet Average velocity 3004 Spread 10fps .250 3 shot group

Load 2. Nosler 225 Grain Accubond bullet Average velocity 2922 Spread 8fps .2

Load 3. GS 180 Gr Borerider/Moly Average velocity 3092 To Much spread .5

Overview: Holy Power Batman:

Heaven is the only place that is better than how I felt today with my wife taping and me pulling the trigger on this incredible HAMMER! No pressure of any kind with 97 grains of H4831 driving that 225 grain Accubond.
Personal feelings: I still haven't got over my reservations of pulling the trigger on this 8 pound finished gun. The trigger breaks clean at 3 pounds and until I change the angle on the sear it will stay where its at. Nearly a ton of energy at 500 yards!!!!

Jim has gone elk hunting again so I won't say until I speak with him about the NO- conventional top porting. I will say that in the micro second between ignition and the gas hits the ports the gun moves one inch to the rear.

I can not hardly sit here and type is how I feel.

Hello sir I'm not trying to be nosey here but I'm really interested in getting into the sport, about how much would it cost to build something like your edge striker but in a 300ultra.

That's a Pistol with a big P. Great video and narrative. Thanks for sharing. Looks like the 180's tend to push straight back but those 225's really send that muzzle up. Good luck with those and enjoy.

I am currently working on a 300 Ultra build. As far as the Striker is concerned one simply needs to have or switch boltheads and buy a barrel already chambered for the chambering of your choice. Because of the size of the case
I just drop the round in on top of the follower. It ejects the spent case without pulling the bolt without issue.
Cost depends on what you wish to pay and how long you are willing to wait.
I would strongly encourage you to put on a class muzzle brake however. Barrels cost different prices and muzzle brakes and installation are different costs depending on who you use.
I have $300. in the old Striker and $550. in the barrel and brake. Paint was extra.

The attached video is of a 6.7 pound Striker. I have another 338 Win Mag barrel that I am going to rechamber in the Edge for a 6.7 pound Edge.

YouTube - Ultralight 338 Win Mag (Hammertime)


Being a center grip there is very little weight forward of the trigger guard. The Edge build came in at exactly 8 pounds. The 180 grains generated much less back thrust compared to the 225 grain bullets. SHortly I will be shooting a rear grip Striker in the Edge and one can see the difference of having all eight pounds forward of the grip as compared to 3-3.5 pounds forward of the grip.

For comparison: My .243 Encore pistol with 16 inch barrel shooting 100 grain bullets has more muzzle jump than this Edge does.

Thanks so much Neal I'm really excited for you and your future 300 ultra build maybe I'll luck up and find one already together and ready to shoot if not I'll probably get Jim See to put one together for me.

Thanks again for your help,
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