Twin .284S


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Dec 25, 2007
Youngsville, NC
I had two customers order custom rifles last March. They wanted something to shoot deer at 500-600 yards. I recomended the .284 Winchester built on a Stiller Predator repeater action. We used PT&G stainless steel bottom metal, Wyatt Outdoors heat treated 4140 CM center feed mag boxes. The barrels are Broughton .284, 1:9, 5C, one at 25" and the other at 26". The stocks are McMillian. The black rifle is finished and I shot a 5 shot group with it at 100 yards. I will finish the Tan rifle this week.





Thought I would share a couple of photos.
Nat Lambeth
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Nice work on the black one. Are you going to do anything with the tan stock or leave as is?
The tan rifle was pillar bedded and the barrel channel opened up. The mag box was adjusted to feed the .284. I will glass in the lug and engrave the barrel with the caliber, neck dia, and my name.

I then will prep some Lapua 6.5 X .284 brass into .284 brass and fire form it.

Hope to deliver these rifles to the customers before the weekend.

They have a week left in our deer season and will surely take a few before the season ends.

Nice rigs Nat, your customers will be happy, that group you shot is very interesting, very good. Congrats!!!
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