this elk hunting can"t be all that hard

Just when there isn't much you can do about it...they show up. Go figure.
In 2008, while me and one hunting partner went 8 miles into the back country to find a bull, our other hunting partner staying within a couple miles of the truck as he was kinda beat up. That particular day we saw zero elk, while he got a picture of a herd of 40+ including two nice bulls within 200yds of the parking lot.
two nice bulls within 200yds of the parking lot. I'm assuming the parking lot was in an area where one shouldn't shoot???
I don't know if it's the same every where but that looks like my hunting unit the week before and the week after elk season but never during. BEAUTIFUL........I am easily amused so I had to giggle at how long the line was and the little ones sliding. THANKS
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