Who is going elk hunting this year?


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Nov 23, 2009
North Dakota
Title says it all. I am leaving on Labor Day for a week long archery hunt in Montana. Where is everyone else going?
Southern Wyoming for elk on OCT. 17-21 an elk tag, South West Colorado Dec 21-? cow elk tag. Also have antelope tags for wyoming that we are going to hunt on the way down and back on our trip for elk.
I'll be hunting (either sex) Elk in Area 1. Antelope in Area 7 and deer? Probably in my back pasture at the end of the season.

Wyoming area 1 is exceptional for Elk, and its only about 40 miles up the road.
A year without elk is a year I didn't really hunt............ Just up the road Idaho. Cow oct 1-nov 3 and bull oct 25 -nov 3. Dear oct 10-24. Bear,wolf and cougar are targets of opportunity starting aug 31.
Leaving Sept. 6th for Craig, Colorado - hunting with rifle on a Ranching for Wildlife Ranch.

Man I hope it cools off out there!!!
Been scouting every other day for the last two weeks. Looks like they are still way up there.


The fire areas here have the elk down in the meadows. Pretty much unfair chase, I'd say. However, they are reported to have brought the woofs with 'em. . .
I'm hunting with Wyoming expeditions October 6-13. Can't wait to see what the thorofare has to offer.
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