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    I am doing some research into purchasing a semi-longrange rifle.The savage {110FP} law enforcement 300winmag is the rifle I am looking at.Heavy free floated barrel,pillar bedded,blind magazine rigid stock.I am a reloader and will be building ammo for this rifle.At 8.5lbs bare I am thinking I can still pack it if I want but it will generally be a stand rifle.I don't have any experience with the savage rifles,but they look consistently priced less than the remys or winchesters etc.Are they a durable or dispoable rifle?Can I expect great accuracy results out of this rifle for say 800yd deer hunting?
    thanks for any input RB
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    Apr 1, 2004
    Well I have a Savage 112BVSS in 7mm RM and love it. It is 12 pounds bare so it is a little heavier than the model you are looking at but I still pack it for miles every deer season. The Savages are said the be the most accurate rifle out of the box but I don't nessesarily agree with that. Because, anybody can get a great rifle and anybody can get a lemon no matter what brand you by. If the guy at the factory was a couple of thousands off with the reamer that day then the rifle will NEVER shoot increadibly well. But if he was right on it will shoot well. So it is all a luck game when you are talking about factory rifles. But in general the Savages are as well made as any other brand out there and like you said they leave a little extra $ for a nicer scope when all is said and done.

    So in short savages are GREAT and usually produce EXCELLENT groups. Since you are a reloader then you shouldn't have too much trouble shooting sub MOA with that gun (or at least the gun should be capapble). Definitely look into a match grade crown for your rifle because from what I have seen the crowns on savages have a little to be desired.
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    Nov 25, 2004
    I have a 112BVSS, which is the same basic rifle, just ss instead of blue, and laminate stock instead of plastic.
    The plastic stocks from savage are pretty flemsy, but the rest of the rifle is pretty good. I feed mine 220SMKs over H1000 most of the time, and if im missing 4" clay pigions at 500, something is really wrong. Ive popped 10"-12" balloons at 1100, and usually do it on the first shot inside of 900. As before, if theyre not popping, its probably driver error. Im not sure if you will be happy with the plastic stock, and id advise you to consider the laminate stock, or the mcmillan.