The Quest For Ballistic Software by Gustavo F Ruiz

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May 2, 2001
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Great writing and very enjoyable reading. Ballistics is something that almost gives some people a headache reading but I enjoyed your article very much.

Hopefully people will read it and learn from it. I've got a feeling you're going to get a lot of questions in the upcoming days in regards to your article.

Good luck and keep writing.
Group buy??

I noticed that there's some mention of group buys on the Patagonia site.

I was just wondering what the chances of putting together a group buy on this site would be. And what advantages would it present how much of a discount and would it be worth our time and trouble to do this.

Anyone have any idea?

I am using Sierra's Infinity 5.1. I cannot find any discussions where u compares the different ballistic programs. My Infinity is very accurate up until 600 m . But some people say that it is not so accurate beyond 600 meters.

My friend and neighbor Rick who's been using Sierra's program a long time said his Sierra program was very accurate out to 1500 yards with his .338 LM.

But after looking at Patagonia's program he said it was a lot more comprehensive software. And that it seemed to cover all the base's and was much more in depth!

He liked it and he was my thermometer as to rather I'd buy it or not. Because of his extensive experience with many different programs I trust his judgment.

well written..article.

In Old Mexico we practice shooting standing at silhouette at distances from 200 to 500 meters, and its difficult to find a good shooter who does not know how many clicks it take to go from 200 to 300 to 385 to 400 to 500.
I`ve used loadbase 1.0 with incredible results, I just wish I could afford his new software, the old one has proven itself, and I`m only dreaming of the new one.

as you guessed it, I`m also a long range hunter also, and shoot up to 1k, only for practice, no real hunting, but only practice and find his software very accurate.


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Good Article

I'm new here, so I don't know anything but to ask:

How does Loadbase compare with :

(1) Point Blank Ballistics
(2) Load from A Disk

I have these two programs on my desktop, and while I have used them, I don't know how confident to be at 1000+ yard ranges.

Having said that, I really enjoyed the article.

I don't know anything about the other programs you mentioned. But I can say with assurance that LB2 is a great program and it does everything I need and more.

But the best thing about Patagonia is the support that continuely flows from them to their customers. This is not a sideline to them it's there main thing!

If you follow the instructions, of LoadBase 2.0, to obtain the proper field information to calculate the drag funtion and BC, I believe for distances beyond 6-700 yards up to about 3000 yards, no other program comes close to LoadBase. Both, the home pc and the pocket pc versions are equally powerful. Customer service? There is no better!

I used G1 Ballistics programs in Basic Language when I was shooting High Power, and found it to be accurate, and Noticed that Loadbase included the G1 equation. I never fired anything beyond 1000 yds, though.
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