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MaGoo Idaho

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Aug 23, 2013
If you reload, and have a number of different caliber of guns you need to look at Sierra New Infinity Suite v7.2.1 software. You can download a pdf “User Guide”. The guide is 52 pages long, but it will give you an overview of what the software will do. I do not have any stock and/or affiliation with Sierra. However I have use Version 5 and Version 6 for years and years.
When V-7 came out at the end of last year I purchased a copy. In all my years purchasing software I have never seen a bigger piece of junk. It had bugs that crashed the program, and my computer at times. All I can say it was the most screwed up program I have ever seen. I could not believe a company like Sierra would ship that kind of junk. I called and emailed them about how that reflected on all of their products. After around two months, they emailed me a link to download to fix on the program. Then about month latter they had a pdf “User Guide” it is free download. You need not have the Infinity software install to use it. But it will give you a very good idea on what the program can do. It keeps track of all your guns and load date. It is not a reloading manual, you use what ever reloading date that you have used over the years. It does have a list of all or most bullets mfg. If you purchase the Suite you do get the Sierra reloading manual. I highly recommend that you purchase the suite version. If you know bullet BC and velocity you can make and save a custom bullet. When you save a custom bullet it can include powder type, grains of powder, bullet mfg. and velocity, if you have a chronograph. If you don’t have chronograph, you can use the program to calculate velocity. No it is not as accurate but it will get you close. That is not listed in the guide. You can also make custom cast bullets if you want. If you are not willing to read and try to under stand the “User Guide” I would not download it. But you can use the “Delete Key” any time. Don’t think you can learn all the capabilities in one afternoon.

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