The hatsan escort .22lr thoughts?


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Oct 4, 2016
Just acquired this rifle. Im itching to pop some cans with it. For a training rifle it appears to be well suited. Thoughts? How has it worked at range for those of you the have shot it? Apparently it has gone through some makeover in design since first hitting the shelves. (In 2019 I believe.)


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Jan 7, 2015
Southwest Wyoming
My buddy bought several 22's for his kids for christmas this year, this rifle was one of them included, he said it was only $180 and bought it for himself just because, paid more for the other rifles for his kids. He asked me to sight them in for him so his kids wouldn't catch on. I started at 50 yards with the fiber optic iron sights, shot a 3 shot group, looked through the spotter, and they were right at half inch. I figured it was just a fluke....adjusted the sights, fired a 5 shot group. Looked through spotter.....still under half inch. Though wow.....wonder if it could actually be true. Adjusted a couple more clicks, fired one shot and looked, it was right about where I wanted it, and fired 9 more. looked through my spotter, group was .7-.8", with 7 or 8 of them going under a half inch. This was with thunderbolt bulk ammo that had been in a crown royal bag for about 6 months in his truck ha ha.

Needless to say, I told him I would be personally offended if he ever decided to sell the rifle and not offer it to me first. Not sure if they will all be like that, I though that Hatsan only made air rifles and wasn't all that excited to shoot it, but it absolutely blew me away, it was phenomenal. Like I said, this one may be the best one they ever produced, or they may all be like that, no idea. I do know that the one I shot was stupid accurate, and had a nice looking wood stock.

Just one experience. YMMV.

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