The big 7mm’s


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Oct 8, 2018
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
@Turtle566 if your brother goes tadelaide he must be a local.
I have contact details for a bloke who has Hammer Bullets in Tassie and can ship them back to the mainland.

Yunta is bigger than it appears. Apparently there is a fair size area off the Highway. Most of those Railway towns have reduced in size.
When I did contact Toys For Big Boys years ago they did say they were not "visitable" . I don't think they had a shopfront. I'm not sure if they were working from a property.
I hadn't thought of them in ages but they did sell the CH4D gear.
Hi CBH, my brother is local down there, and yes, I would be extremely interested in being able to purchase some Hammer Bullets,
As to the Yunta problem, I also have rung the number for them and it has been disconnected, so I rang the Yunta police and they said there’s only four businesses running at this time, I have been lucky to have lived down that way for many years (I was a lot younger then) and was a shearer for some time so got around a bit, I actually come from White Cliffs Opal fields originally.
I am guessing you from around the Adelaide area mining towns, to know tadelaide?
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