The 7mm HV2

Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
I just received a request to put a pic on of the 7mm HV2 rifle. I'm not sure if it will make it on here as Denny Guinn and Len had problems with it for some reason.
I will try and if it makes it, Denny can give you the information.


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Thanks DC for posting it for me.

Who made this stock? It looks like the stock was made by Tooley but wasn't sure.
What is the name of it? McMillan Tooley MBR stock? or Lee Six? It looks a little different from those pictures? I'm planning to use split-design bedding block which is about 8" long, not sure of the width and I was hoping that with minor adjustment that will fit on wide stock. The bedding block will hold 34" barrel with BAT Model "M" action. What do you suggest with the stock?

P.S. DC, how do you lean your cheek on the aluminum stock, seeing thru the riflescope?
As you know, most of the heavy benchrest guns have the scopes mounted high.
You must get used to resting your cheek or sometimes the side of your jaw on the stock.
The biggest disadvantage to the aluminums is in the cold weather, they steam up from your breathing plus they are real cold when resting any part of you face against it.

You do get used to it though. It's like any other stock that has a high mounted scope on it. You simply have to set you face higher on the stock.

Darryl Cassel
PS----The stock in the pic looks like a six?

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