TarHunt slug guns


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Dec 18, 2008
New Bern, NC
Does anyone have one of these slug guns? I have an 870 that I was thinking of sending away to them to get the conversion done. Everything sounds great, but the manufacturers always make them sound great even if they suck lol Just trying to find some real information/results about them before I drop the money on it. Thanks!
A buddy has an 11-87 that shoots just as well as my Tar-Hunt 870. BUT, my 870 that Tar-Hunt converted does shoot a whole lot better than it did before I sent it to them. It's not a magic do-all cure, but after going thru a couple of different slugs, I can shoot (in calm wind, from a rest) 1" groups @ 100 Yds, and 3"-4" groups @ 200 Yds. How you hold the slug gun and the consistency of that hold is at LEAST 60% of group size. I also changed out the trigger group for one that Timney did for me, that more imitates a good rifle trigger. That helped a lot as well.
i've used an h&r ultra slug gun for years and has superb accuracy with lightfield slugs. holds 1" groups at 100 yards which is pretty good for slugs. In expensive, a little heavy but super accurate.
Yeah, I wound up getting the H&R and LOVE it! Shot under 1/2" 2 shot group @ 100 yards (only had 2 shells left in the box after sighting in). My gun loves the 20 gauge 3" accutips.
thats awesome man those are great guns too!! Im glad your happy with it! I had a hard time picking between the 2 myself
I'm still thinking about the savage 220 because my luck I would be shaking so bad I miss the first shot and fumbling around can't get a 2nd shot loaded in time lol. If I don't though I'm confident in this H&R if I do my part
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