My Slug Gun scope


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Jul 19, 2010
3X12X50 Schmidt&Bender Mil. LP GEN II Were do I get Mil setting info for Slugs and I trying to decide what slugs should I get for long range. I'm thinking winchester 2 3/4 XP.

@ICANHITHIMMAN,, LOL! I thought you were going to say thats to much scope at!But it does look cool. I was at a delema. I had 2 good scope 1 being this one and a Swarovski PH that used to be on this. I also have a muzzle loader that I needed a scope for and a browing x bolt that just got measure for a picatinny rail. I figured Why buy another scope when I can just transfer a scope from one to another without moving rings if they all had the same base. So I had rails made and now I can put 2 diffrent scope between 5 diffrent guns. I just same the settings to zero and when I'm ready to hunt a certain season I just throw it on gun of choice shoot in the zero and the rest is history.:D
I didnt like the idea but since I already had these scopes I didnt like the idea any better spend extra coin on another scope. My main hunting is in Jersey where we cant rifle hunt so the scope will Mostly sit on the slug gun and muzzle loader for the few time we practice or go out of state its just not woth it.
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