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May 31, 2013
Reno, NV
Hello members, lurkers, and fellow outdoorsmen.

My name is Keith Averill, owner and designer of a new product - the TargetCam. I'd like to introduce our product to everyone here.

What we have developed over the last year and a half is a totally self contained TargetCam system capable of extreme long range. This allows shooters to see where their shots have hit the target after each shot taken. The way this works is the camera is placed on a tripod at a safe distance (about 20 feet) from your target. The image of the target is then transmitted via wireless signal to the "base unit" located back at the shooting location. That's right boys and girls, no more walking down range to see where your shots have hit. :D:D:D You take a shot, look over at the screen to see it. Heck, you don't even have to move your head off the rifle - just look over. On very long shots it's even possible to watch your bullet hit the target.

The range of our stock system is over 2000 yards. With some additional antennas, that we also sell, you can use it out to over 3500 yards if you have something capable of shooting that far.


Our website is:

We have just become a sponsor/advertiser of this fine site and Len will be doing a full review in the next couple of weeks. I'll post in the forum to let you know when it is done.

Bob Beck also has one of our units and is going to be filming with it on his TV show We are also now an "official sponsor" of Bob's show and he is excited to help introduce our product to his audience. Bob's show is on The Sportsman's channel on Monday nights so look for it later this summer (it's a great show and Bob and Chris are great people).

Anyways, here's some more about our product....

Here is a pic of everything you get with our one camera system (minus the tripod). You get everything you need, camera, base unit, smart wall charger, car charger...all charged up and ready to party right out of the box...(except the tripod, use one of your own, cameras mounts on standard threads)

Here is a pic of the camera. It will mount onto any standard 1/4-20 tripod that you have. Put it about 20 feet from your target off at an angle. If some bonehead ever sooots your camera don't worry about it too much. Just send us the camera and we will just rebuild it for cost of parts. If it's totally destroyed we will just wholesale another one to you. We haven't had any cameras come back to us yet. Some of our customers are just mounting a regular steel plate target directly infront of their camera for protection. Just make sure the antenna is peaking out over the steel. 20 feet is pretty far from the target though.

Our system also works with multiple cameras placed at different locations. We've done some custom orders already for folks who order 5 or 6 cameras. About 1/2 of our customers get more than one camera. This allows you to set out multiple cameras set on different channels out at different distances. Then you just toggle to the different channels to view different targets...etc. The standard system, the way you see it here, will hold either one or two cameras. We can also make custom setups with larger cases to hold multiple cameras and also multiple viewing screens. Here's our standard system with 2 cameras packed in.

It all packs away in 30 seconds into a tuff, water tight, Pelican case.

Our system can also be used in other ways such as placing cameras out at various locations so you can observe game etc. We can also build infrared cameras for night viewing.

The most common compliments we hear from people who have purchased our product are:

1. Super easy and fast setup.
There is no plugging this into that, syncing this thing to that thing...simply take the whole case downrange at first, set up your target, put the camera on a tripod about 20 feet away, turn on the camera and base unit, adjust the focus a little...go back to bench and enjoy getting immediate feedback after each shot.

2. It's totally self contained.
Our system includes everything needed packed away into a nice watertight Pelican case. The camera and base unit are fairly tuff and designed to be able to handle outdoor conditions and shock waves from high power rifles.

3. Multiple camera expandability.
About 1/2 of our customers get more than one camera. Some start with one camera and then order additional ones later.

That's all great...but Keith, how much is it???????

Our single camera system sells for an "introductory price" of $785. Additional cameras are $265 each. These are introductory prices for now intended to get the ball rolling. I've had a number of people tell me after getting our product that we should raise our prices. We will probably do that in the near future but for now these are the prices.

But wait....there's more!!!!:)

I'm an entrepreneur and the inventor of the TargetCam and am flattered to have recently gotten the attention of some of the best people in the industry. Together with them we are now working to develop some capabilities that haven't been done before. I can't post it all here just yet but will as soon as we are ready to release these ideas. I designed our current product to be able to accept these future enhancements so people who have our current product will be able to send there's in for these upgrades as they become available - stay tuned, we're just getting started.

Please have a look at our website for more info about our product. Email or call me directly any time with questions. I am located in Reno NV.

I look forward to meeting you and making your days at the range more productive.

Keith Averill

[email protected]
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Keith, I have to say that looks really cool, and would be very handy for LR shooting. This is an ingenious idea and design. I look forward to seeing more of this product.
Just a quick update. We just completed a pretty extensive order for a group of guys who have their own private range. Their complete system included 2 base units for viewing and 5 different cameras. They are going to set up the 5 cameras out at different distances and then they'll be able to toggle to different channels on the base units to see them. The system we built is capable of over 2500 yards.

We're getting quite a few people ordering multiple camera systems now with summer in full swing. Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits TV is going to do a review of our product fairly soon and post it here. He is also going to be using it on his TV show later this summer. Bob's show is on Monday nights on the Sportsman's channel.

We are also working on a design for permanent install at commercial ranges. This will be sort of semi permanent so that it could be set up in the spring and remain there until winter sets in. If anyone here would like some info or a quote about this let me know.

We've got some very cutting edge enhancements planned for the very near future for our product. I will "spill the beans" on these capabilities when we're about to release it. Let's just say that we're working on some stuff that the military snipers down in San Diego don't even have yet :)


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