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Dec 31, 2003
I don’t have the funds to buy what ever rifle I would like to have. I am thinking about switch barrel rifles. Two come too mind, T/C Encore or a Savage bolt action. I am thinking the T/C would be easier to switch barrels in the field, would like some feed back from anyone who has a switch barrel Savage. I have owned a few savages in the past and I know they shoot very well. I have used an encore in the field, but the accuracy was not that of the savages. The use and calibers will be for mostly varmint hunting and paper targets at long range (500-800 yards). Thanks


Go Savage, cheaper for the gun and the barrels, as far as changing in the field. normally you will change them at home not the field.. and the savage is a repeater..

If Muzzleloader and shotgun are a concern then go TC

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I have both Savage and Encore that I switch barrels on , both guns are about as tweaked as you can get them (logicaly)and both wear custom barrels

All the custom Savage barrels will shoot into the 1/2" range with a few in the
3/8-1/4" , the barrel change is pretty easy at home , I have two custom Encore barrels and they both shoot into and under 3/8" and the barrels can be changed in the field if you have a screwdriver,hammer and nylon punch to remove the pin , so realy the Encore is an at home or at least at the camp job.
It realy depends on what turns you crank


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