Switch Barrel Configuration for Rem 700?


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May 21, 2008
South of Canada and North of Wyoming
I would like to get my Senderos set up for swapping out barrels. For instances, I would like to be able to swap out my 300 RUM when not in use during elk season to something like a 25-06 for shooting coyotes, praire dogs and general fun plinking. It will let me get more practical use out of the rifle and scope all year round.

So, the question is... has anyone done this in a Rem 700 action?

Do I need a barrel nut or no?

What are the advantages of a barrel nut?

Whether it takes me 15 min or 30 min isn't that important. Being able to do it corectly and fairly easily is important.

What tools would I need, with or without a barel nut.

I'm looking for info so I can speak somewhat inteligently with the smith when I put the proposal to him.

Thanks in advance,

now I am no pro by no means.but if you were able to use the same bolt face for two different cal's and two different barrels.I would think all you needed was a barrel vise and action wrench.

as long as you use the same action,same lug you should be fine with the two different barrels.would just need to make sure the smith uses the same lug or keep the two lugs at all times together with the proper barrel so you want make a mistake and change the chambering of the case with the wrong barrel and lug.and I wouldn't think it would only take about 15 min to change barres.thats if you do not bugger up the threads of the action or barrel.

and one thing to look at is the base mount screw where the barrel threads in the action.you may need to just grind off a thread or two so it want bugger up the threads of the barrel.
My 338 Edge is set up as a switch barrel gun. I have 2 barrels. 300 RUM and 338 Edge. There is no nut. This is on a 700 action.

The key to getting a good set up is to have the recoil lug pinned to the action so that the lug ALWAYS goes back on the exact same way it came off for a perfect fit in the bedded stock. That is about all you need to do. Or use an action where the action and recoil lug are one peice.

Screwing the barrel on is no problem but getting it off you will need a barrel vice and action wrench or take it to your smith twice a year.

As far as using a 300 RUM and a 25-06, you will need another bolt for that altogether. Also it will become a single shot for the 25-06 as the rails at the bottom of the action are set up for an RUM case and feeding smaller cases will be problematic. A more simple and cheaper solution is to have a barrel for the 6.5 or 7mm WSM or RSAUM. This would allow you to use the same bolt as the RUM.

Hope that helps!
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Mine works well. Has a locating screw on the back face of the recoil lug and a grub screw through the receiver into the barrel thread (hole drilled into the barrel thread) to prevent the barrel tightening up.

It takes me about 1 minute to break the rifle down to its basic components, the only tool I use for the swap is an allen key for the grub screw, thats it. The recoil lug pin is a simple locator, it simply sits in a recess, very simple.

The bigger problem is bedding. You will need a barrel of the same contour as the one you are using for optimum bedding at the knox (first inch of the barrel). You need a smith that is patient enough to fiddle around with the light finishing cuts needed. Apart from that, its not rocket science, just patience.

As for calibers, you probably do need to stick with the magnums to avoid bolt hassles. The choices are pretty good though, .257WBY, .264 Win mag, 7mm Rem mag- all light recoilers etc.

I put some clips of my switch barrel in action, fitted with its .375RUM barrel. The clips are short but its probably best to skip the part 1 intro clip. Here is a link to part two. I think I broke it down into 5 parts.

YouTube - Shooting the 375 RUM part 2

Cheers, Nathan.
Thanks all for the replies.

Michael and Nate, that is just the sort of info I was looking for.

I had already started another thread in the Gunsmithing section asking about the feed rails. I dont think they will be a problem. I tried loading 25-06 cases into my 300 RUM action and i could see anything wrong with that. They held down well and fed well. The 25-06 action feed rails are just a little narrow to allow the RUM cases, maybe about .010" or so. I figure I can open them up to the dimensions of the RUM action and i should be fine. If there is a hitch, JE said I should be able to install center feed mag boxes.

BTW I am going to do this with both my Senderos.

I plan on getting separate bolts for the different size bolt faces, so that's not a problem. I am planning on doing a 6.5 WSM at some point and maybe a 25 WSM as well, but I would like them in a short action.

All my barrels will be Sendero contours, probably alll 27".

Nate, your setup sounds too good to be true. Do you just hand tighten your barrel and remove it by hand?

Unless anyone can think of a good reason why not that sounds like the best set up.

Great video Nate, thanks for sharing.


Hi Mark, sorry for the slow reply, it was our annual Rodeo day today. Its now midnight and I am having a coffee in a meagre attempt to water down the kentucky sour mash before bed.

Yep, my barrel screws in and out by hand, very easily. It is important that the threads are cut nicely on both the barrel and receiver in order to obtain a nice fit. The grub screw keeps it all in place. If I get a chance, I should really strip it and post you a pick.

As for the magazine. The main difference between the RUM and standard cartridge magazines/ feeding issues is not so much in the feed rails as it is in the box. The box needs a window cut into it to house the RUM's for smooth feeding in the M700 action. You can easily obtain drawings for this or after market boxes from the likes of Wyatt outdoor supplies. Don't be too hasty in altering/ filing the feed rails till you have fitted the correct box for the cartridge in use.

The M70 Winchester action doesn't need a window- it will feed everything. The downside is the shorter box length and heavier over all weight of the action and bottom metal.

Cheers, Nathan.
If you use a benchrest follower in the magazine well then it becomes a single shot and feeds fine. Not much of a sacrifice in longrange hunting. I do it to the rifles where I use VLDs seated really long.
BB, I'll look into those BR followers but I think the followers I have will work OK. There are some situations were a quick follow on shot will be handy like antelope hunting with 3 tags and shooting deer off grain fields wiht several tags.

Nate, that would be great if you could post some pics. A question that comes to mind is, if you decide to add a nother barrel at a latter date or replace a burned out barrel, would it be possible to drill and tap it for the grub screw without buggering up the threads for the grub screw in the receiver?


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