Swift scirocco question?


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Jul 13, 2009
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What is the trick to get these to shoot well. The bullet in question is the 6.5mm 130gr Scirocco. Do they like a jump like a Barnes or just off the lands?
I didn't have much luck with them in my 264 WM, but have lots left & want to give them a go in my 6.5mm-300 Win Mag



Any help or experience would be great.
I havent loaded any yet for mine yet, still have two boxes left. The 150s and the 180s shot about same out of the box, with that said, remington being very conservative, i would allow for a jump and give it a try. I can shoot sub-moa out to 500 with factory using the scirroco rounds. Just give it a try, i will be early summer....
Probably the most finicky bullet I have ever tried. If you can get them to shoot, they do very well. I would call Swift and talk to their tech for advice. Ask for Bill Hober, if he's still with the company.
This is what I have found. I purchased a bunch when they first came out. I had no luck so I quit messing with them. Since then the 130gr & 140gr Accubond have came out & I have had an easy time getting them to shoot well.
But with 300 130gr sciroccos sitting around I'd like to get them shooting too!
Hey Wookie,
I use them with very good success in my .300 Win Mag. I use the 180 gr Scirocco in the .300 and haven't had to play with them much. Try loading them touching the lands or even jammed into the lands some. I was scared to use these bullets as well because of their reputation for being finicky but they worked very well right from the start. Their performance speaks for itself, both accuraccy and knockdown power.
I bought more of them and plan to test some for my 7wsm.
I got the 130 gr shooting pretty good in my 6.5 rem mag

they are seated .030" off the lands with a .261" mandrel in the Lee Collet, Rem cases, Fed215M primers.

I was surprised and pleased that they shot well, didn't really expect them to but wanted the .571 ballistic coefficient to up the power I could shoot with on the Zeiss RapidZ800 reticle.

These are the Scirrocco II's. I thought maybe the 150 gr Scirrocco's would work in my 280AI since these shot well. Nope, 160 Accubonds 1.5" at 200, 150 gr Scirrocco's 4" at 200 yards.

So if they shoot you're lucky.
Bill told me the Scirocco likes to jump like Barnes does so try it and see, to say the least I couldn't get them to shoot in the 25-06 OR the 257WBY magnum :-(
I shoot them in my 7 STW and love them ! Did find out they worked better when I seated them deeper. Remember, they are very long in the ogive ! Performance is awesome, accuracy is bench rest quality in my gun. I was shooting 140 Accubonds but they didn't do near the job as the 150 Swifts. Keep working, they are worth the effort !
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