Superformance ammo from Hornady

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It's a non-cannister grade of powder, one that won't be commericailly available. There's also some specialty reloading techniques that go into these that result in a highly compressed powder charge. This came about from some experimental work at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant some years back, and if I recall, there was a bit of a ****ing contest between Hornady and LC over something related to the process. Looks like Hornady won, or at least LC got otherwise engaged. HAven't worked with any of the new Hornady stuff, but from what I'd seen of the earlier LC project work, I don't doubt their velocity claims.

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Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
I stand corrected! A little digging on this shows that the older style of HP ammo was the stuff that was compressed, and they have indeed gotten away from this.

Wonder how long this powder will remain non-cannister, or if they'll allow it to be put on the market? I'm sure there's a marketing deal in place between Hornady and Olin-St.Marks, but hey, it's possible.

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
Anyone know much about Hornady Superformance? What powder, etc?

Based on their webside info, it looks like they have developed a more efficient powder that burns out completely. Therefore, maintaining standard pressures while gaining velocity. Of course they don't give you the powder details, but it looks promissing. I can't wait to try some of that ammo in m 300 win mag.
Hey guys, I've just tested a 300 Win Mag 150gr with GMX bullet hornady superformance ammo out of my Remi Sendero. It ROCKS !!!
At least out of my gun. I set up a chorny and had 3 readings of 2498, 2486, and 3502. Not bad, especially when they advertise it at 2400 fps. Must be my 26 inch barrel that did the trick. Accuracy was good too, but I'll try to better it next time. This is going to be ammo on the pronghorn hunt in wyoming in september.
Anybody else had any xperience with it? How is 165 gr?
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