Straight vs Angled Spotting Scope Eye Piece


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Feb 26, 2003
What do you guys prefer for spotting scopes, straight or angled eye pieces?

Does one work better for the bench vs prone or something like that?

Comments please ...

Doug, March/April issue of Rifleshooter magazine has an article about spotting scopes by David Tubb. I see in the picture here he uses Optolyth 100mm w/angled eyepiece for prone shooting. Looks like a good article, check it out. Jay
It all depends on the position or the shooter. A crook in the neck, or moving too far from your shooting position while viewing in most positions is what you want to avoid, how you do most of your veiwing will determine which is best. The straight ones ore nice to get lined up on a target quicker before stuffing your eye into it though. The angled ones don't require as tall a tripod you'll want with using the straight one. I like a tall tripod with any of them though, just to be safe, you never know how tall the brush is going to be unless you hunt the same spot all the time or do it from a bench.
Thanks for the question. I've been conteplating on getting a spotting scope but been unable to decide on which one.

I see that Burris makes one that you can go either straight or at a 45 degree set up. If anyone can comment on this I would appreciate your input.


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