angled vs straight spotting scope


Jun 21, 2003
I am considering buying swarovski's 20x60 80. I could use advice on the diffences between a straight and angled scope. Is quaulity affected, how about ease in handling.
Also would really like general suggestions or opinions about this type of scope.
Thanks Boyd
The angle of the eyepiece eases use in different shooting positions. The angled eyepiece works really well when shooting prone.

Personally, I use a straight eyepiece as I like to "look" in the direction of my spotting scope. I shoot from a bench, standing or seated. I use my spotting scope during hunting and prefer the seated/standing position whenever possible.

Both will work equally well. Just decide if you plan on shooting prone or not.

with your position and spotting scope position, you should not have to break cheekweld to look through it. With an angled eyepeice
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