Steel targets??


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Jul 26, 2009
I want to make some "gong" targets that I can set out at long range. I was thinking of 12" x 14" and 3/8" thick and hang it from a movable stand. What advice can you give me the size is for the kill zone of a deers chest size target. Will be shooting a 6mm br Norma and up to a 300WSM. I will spray paint it white and the distance will probably be limited to 600 yards.

I have an old swing set with two 1/2" thick plates, one is 10"x10" and the other is 16"x!6" it's not easily movable but it works. I would just build a smallish wooden frame to hang it on for portability.
I have 4 of different sizes, but it's frustrating when you back up and don't hit the steel and don't know where it went. I would make them as large as you can, and shoot at paint spots. I used home grown targets made of regular steel for a while but didn't like them because they don't GONG very well and the face becomes badly beaten, making it difficult to see hits at 600 or more yards.
It costs a lot, but the AR 600 and AR 550 targets don't even get a dimple in them if you stay at 200 or more yards. Fresh paint and they are like new, you can easily see hits at 1000 yards on them and you can hear them at twice that distance. I've shot mine with 308, .270, 6.5s, 25-06, 22-250 and 223 and they don't even leave a mark. But the bullet knocks off about an inch of paint so it's easy to see hits and they GONG great.....

My daughter shot a coke can at 400 yards with the first shot over thanksgiving weekend. She then shot a 1.8 inch three shot group at the same distance. She makes me proud. :)
Ditto on a550/600, I use T-1 as a substitute (cheaper) but a .300 RUM WILL leave a big dent at 500 meters.
The AR600 that I have is only half inch, but it's so hard that beyond 200 yards, nothing I've shot at it even leaves a mark. I haven't and won't shoot it with a 300 RUM, It may leave a mark and I don't want that. I've shot regular 3/4 steel with a RUM and it really leave a crater. I need mine very clean so I can see the hits out to 900 yards. The hardest hitting gun I've shot it with is my 308 and .270. I also don't shoot it with full Metal jackets. That said, target and hunting bullets explode on it. With fresh paint, you can' tell it's every been shot. I don't think the 300RUM will dent it at 500, but I'll bet you it will at 100 or 200.

AR 550 and 600 are pretty expensive and hard to find. I got mine from EBAY. But most of the steel targets on there are mild steel, your RUM will destroy them. Look for the AR 600 rating, you can tell by the PRICE.
Here is the guy's email address that I buy my steel from:
[email protected]

AR 500 wholesale cost is about $25 bucks a square
AR 550 is about $40 and AR 600 is about $80

I think I paid $170 bucks for my 16 inch AR600 with ears cut in it so you can hang them on chains without drilling it, which would be very Hard or welding it which damages the hardness.

I can tell you I love the targets and have been back to by different sizes from the same guy twice.
I use AR500 from 400-750 yards and it does not dent even with the 338 RUM shooting 250 SMK's. Great stuff! Got it from LV Steel Targets. Kurt shipped it out quick and the price was good.
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