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Jan 11, 2020
Mar 30, 2008
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Jan 11, 2020
    1. Turkey Ridge
      Turkey Ridge
      Do you still have the 28 Nosler Left available?
    2. Revez

      I saw an old post of yours selling your old lefty customer 338. I'm looking at doing a 338RUM build.
      Any advice on how to do this without spending too much. I also need to be mindful of weight. Looking at no more than 10lb gun.

      Thanks in advance
    3. jcvibby
      So very soon! Keep an eye open in the next week
    4. Firecat
      Will you be doing any more group buys on this forum for targets? I hope to get a few if you are.
    5. crowslayer17
      I am interested in the group buy targets. I will take:

      2 @ 3x5x1/2
      2 @ 6x1/2
      2 @8x1/2
      2 @12x3/8

      I come up with 63# and $142 + $ 18 s/h for a total of $160. I will pay by USPS money order. Send me the info. Thanks!
    6. 82bluestang
      Are you still selling ar-500 plates? If so I'm interested in some assorted 1/2" plates.
      Thanks Matt
      [email protected]
    7. hick135
      Checking to see if you still have some of the targets. Was curious if you have a pic or specs as to the hole locations on the round targets. I have a gravity reset stand and would like various sizes but the holes must match up. thanks.
    8. dig
      I will take 2 8 inch squares and 2 12 inch squares. Let me know how to pay. Thanks
    9. cabinfever
      do you have any more of the AR500 steel targets in 12x12
    10. stcummingsjr
    11. dig
      Dear Sir, if you still have it I offer $600 for the Ziess scope shipped. I know its low but that is my budget, can pay via paypal on Monday. Thanks
    12. Michael Eichele
      Michael Eichele
      Still looking for a LH hunting rifle?

      If so, my cousin is concidering selling his Remington 700 customized 7mm Rem mag. She sports a 26" Shilen barrel (#5 contour) with a muzzle break, actions has been trued. Stock is custom (I am not sure of the brand. The style is very similar to the Remington. The rifle is all black. Bases and rings are included. I am not sure what he wants for it but it would be resonable as he needs the cash more than the rifle.

      Let me know.

      Thank you,

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    PREMIUM-AR500 STEEL TARGETS!!! Lots of sizes, IPSC, SQUARES, ROUNDS, 24x12"!!! Cheap!!

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