Stainless or Blued for a .300 WM Build?


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Jan 17, 2007
Black River Falls, WI
What are the pros and cons of both? I see most people using blued actions for their builds. Not sure if there is any rhyme or reason.

I plan on purchasing a Rem 700 SPS Stainless in a .300 WM. I figured I would swap the stock for an H-S Precision stock (basically the same one on the Sendero). I'll see how it shoots, but if not acceptable, I'll have it rebarelled.
Could be because stainless dents easier (softer). It's better for barrels because it is more resistant to abrasion and of course more corrosion resistant.
Not sure that it really matters. You can get custom actions in chrome moly, stainless steel, aluminum and cast stainless. I guess it really depends on what you want and are willing to spend.
The CM actions with stainless barrels are pretty cool looking. I have two factory rigs in this configuration and both are pretty accurate and clean up easy. I spend a lot less time cleaning these two rifles than I do the CM barrel on my 700P. JohnnyK.
I was told by a reputable smith (I'm paraphrasing here so forgive me if I go a little astray) that chrome moly actions are stronger than stainless actions and that a high performance round like a Lapua, CheyTac or similar wildcat would be best done on a chrome moly action. For run of the mill standard cartridges it should boil down to your personal preference or availablility.
On one of the premium barrel sites it indicates that the CM can be blued, where as the stainless does not easily. The Stainless barrels have slightly longer barrel life.

This is on one of the vendor sites and I can not vouch as to whether it is true, but I would assume it is.

So for barrel life, one may choose to rebarrel their blued set up with a stainless rifle barrel if they are shooting one of the hotter cartridges to extend usable life.

I read somewhere on this site some one in a thread mentioned they preferred CM as it was easier to hand finish. Sand etc.....
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