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    Dec 27, 2009
    I got to do a little shooting this past weekend and my brother and i had a idea that we would shoot some old books with our guns. So we first set up about 8 old textbooks up taped together at 400 yards. First up was the 22-250 with a 55g V-Max bullet. Penatration was pretty good for that light of a bullet. It went through the first book and stopped in the second. Next up was my brothers 7mm Ultra Mag. He hit it a little high but it made for a good photo of how a bullet expands. He was shooting the 162 A-Max


    Next up was my 7mm STW shooting the 168 Berger bullets. This is what we were able to recover from the hit. Very devistating and went through 3 books before being stopped in the 4th.


    Next up was my 300WSM with the 168 SMK. This one was quiet odd. when we first walked up it looked like the bullet had hit almost sideways. I dont think this would be possible and still be accurate. Did find a large part of the jacket for this one.


    All in all it was interesting and fun to shoot and see how the bullets react.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Talk about a devistating test. Wow. Thats, IMO, complete bullet disentigration. were the books old enough to be petrified?
    Next time you shoot books use an A-Frame, Patrition, or a bonded bullet. Youll likely kill the books much deader:D I here theyre pretty hard to bring down:D.
    Cool pics.
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Fun test, good pics. Thanks for sharing.