sold on Berger VLD


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Jun 4, 2016
Went out shooting on my farm today. This target was at 960 yards. The top two bullets are sierra 175 with 43.5 varget. About 30 shots to hit these two. I then pulled out 5 175 VLD bullets with 43.5 varget and after walking the rounds down 4.25 moa I was able to hit the target. Both rounds are true and repeated sub moa rounds but today was the first time shooting the Berger over 100 yards. The VLD are the ones for hunting so I believe I have a winner here flatter shooting for sure they didn't tumble like the sierras. My brother was spotting and he really noticed a difference in tragectoy from watching the bullets trail in the spotting scope.
I used to hate VLDs until I got a 300wm. My rifle is great with 190s and 215s.
The WM lets me take advantage of heavy bullets. I think these bullets put the caliber back on the map.
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