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Aug 16, 2018
My buddy and I are wanting to do a self guided sitka deer hunting, in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Does anybody have any tips or knowledge they can share with me to make our hunt more successful and have a better time and more prepared for Inclement weather? We are mowing around the idea of hiring a pilot to fly us to a alpine lake and camp or renting a cabin, the other idea would be renting a truck driving up to a camping spot as close to the alpines as we can get and using that as a base camp. What gear would you take that you could not live with out? What are things we should know before setting off for this adventure. We want to make this trip happen in two years, that will give us plenty of time to do research on different areas and find deals on plane fares etc. Can you recommend contacts that you have used and liked in the past to make your hunt possible?
These are the folks I planned on going with, having a warm place to dry out would definitely be a big help.
They're little deer big buck is 120lb and a trophy deer is 100" of antler a 243 is plenty of gun for them but black bears are everywhere so keep your eyes peeled. Most black bears are like giant raccoons and will run if they see or smell you but they're all over the island having a pistol handy would be a good idea. If y'all time it right you could hunt both, I'd definitely recommend something stainless with synthetic stock and the best rain gear you can afford. I love the Sitka Hudson bibs and delta jacket they're absolutely the most waterproof and comfy I've found. Bring extra boots a decent pack, good binos, have a ball.
If you do the drop camp style hunt be sure you've got a tent with a stove you'll need a way to dry out.
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