1. Alex Genereux

    For Sale Nosler Trophy Grade .243 Accubond 90 gr

    Selling 117 rounds of ammo all brass kept for 6th box all the same lot number. - $300 TYD
  2. FireFlyFishing

    How are you processing your game this year?

    Well, I was blessed with a great whitetail buck this year. I was happy to get him prior to the rut as he’ll taste way better. I also had a cache of venison hanging out in my freezer from two salvage tags I scored last year. So…I had three deer to process this year. I finally got all the hard...
  3. BornLifted

    BNIB Vortex spotting scope

    Brand new in box vortex 20-60x85 Diamondback hd spotting scope, never used and box still sealed shut. Second picture is to show seal still intact. Looking for $475 OBO. I also have a used Leupold Ventana 15-45x60 with a small tripod and an alps outdoors bag. Looking for $275 for the kit. Still...
  4. T

    Starter Long Range Optics?

    Looking for an optic for long range hunting that won't break the bank (under $1000) but will also get the job done. Looking for something with exposed turrets, FFP, and a magnification somewhere in the 2-24 range, open to suggestions. Ideally something with a reticle that is a christmas tree...
  5. L

    Zeiss Conquest 3-9X

    Zeiss Conquest 3-9X scope. Matte finish. Duplex reticle. ¼ MOA click adjustments. Excellent inside and out. No ring marks. Ready to hunt. $425 Plus actual shipping & insurance.
  6. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New in Box Vortex Razor HD 10x42 Binos

    Brand New in Box Vortex Razor HD 10x42 Binos. $900 shipped.
  7. E

    Hornady ELD-X 7mm 175gr bullets

    Hornady ELD-X 7mm 175gr bullets. New unopened. I have 10 boxes. $37 per box plus shipping.
  8. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Xlr chassis Acc.

    Selling xlr chassis accessories all new never used 2 - short action Hawkins DBM mag for 6.5 PRC/SAUM $100 ea 1 - mlok bag rider $35 2 - mlok sling attachments $15 ea 1 - adjustable thumb rest $45 All prices are TYD PayPal FF
  9. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 30cal 155gr VLD Hunting

    Up for sell is 3 boxes of sealed bullets. Asking $60 a box plus shipping. Or take all 3 for $180 + shipping.
  10. P


  11. P


    For anyone interested in commenting, read and comment before May 5th. Several of the travel plan options on the table could significantly decrease access to BLM lands in the Upper Snake area.
  12. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED 22-250 Ammo Various Brands

    Selling some 22-250 ammo various brands. Sold the gun and getting rid of it. Not planning to separate. Nosler Trophy Grade 55gr Ballistic Tip - 12 Winchester Ballistic Silver Tip 55 gr Fragmenting poly tip - 12 Hornady Varmint Express 55 gr v max - 12 Hornady Superformance Varmint 55 gr v max -...
  13. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED 5 boxes Nosler Trophy Grade 6.5 Creedmoor 140 Gr Accubond Ammo

    Selling 5 boxes of Nosler Trophy Grade 6.5 creedmoor 140 gr nosler accubond ammo. $350 TYD Paypal FF or I ask that you pay the paypal fee. Thanks!
  14. BigBucks18

    LH Custom 28 nosler w/ 3 barrels

    I have a left handed custom built 28 nosler with 3 barrels. It was built by Butchs Guns in Oklahoma and is a hammer. Stiller Tac 300 action Manners EH-1 stock desert camo Jewel Trigger 1st Barrel - 24” 8.4 twist proof carbon 28 nosler threads 5/8x24 40 rounds on it 2nd barrel - 26” 9 twist...
  15. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Modlites PLH-V2 & OKW

    Selling basically brand new Modlite 18650 Modlite OKW head and body with 18650 $200 This light casts a very tight and bright hotspot excellent for night hunting predators. Funds via Paypal and I will pay shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  16. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Labradar

    For sale Labradar that is in brand new condition never used outside with travel case, MK Machining sight, tripod, battery pack, and all instructions. $725 TYD you cover paypal fees. I can usually ship out same or next day. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  17. D

    SELLER: SOLD - Sitka Fanatic Hunting Camo

    I am selling my excellent condition like new Sitka Fanatic Bib, Jacket, Vest and WS Beanie. All size Medium. Selling because I need a smaller size. SUPER WARM! CRAZY QUIET. Excellent condition. No smoking, no pet house. I've hunted from a stand in them 3-4 times. Here is Sitka's...
  18. K

    Custom Rifle Questions

    I am looking at having a custom rifle built and am trying to decide on a caliber and barrel length to go with. I am wanting to build a lightweight rifle and also want to run a suppressor. I am between 2 calibers right now but am open to suggestions. I also plan on reloading for whichever...
  19. Sgt. grizz

    Sitka blacktail deer Prince of Wales Alaska

    My buddy and I are wanting to do a self guided sitka deer hunting, in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Does anybody have any tips or knowledge they can share with me to make our hunt more successful and have a better time and more prepared for Inclement weather? We are mowing around the idea of...
  20. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with TMR reticle. FFP. Illuminated. Used but in good condition. $1500.

    SOLD Leupold Mark 6 1-6 with TMR reticle. FFP. Illuminated. Used but in good condition. One small nick at the front end of the scope housing (shown in photo) but other than that its pretty flawless. Glass is clean, no scratches. Retails for $2200. Selling for $1500. I have another Mark 6...