1. L

    Freeze-dried food

    Will be heading out to the mountains for a couple of back-country hunts in the coming months.. For my meals I use either Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry. Anyone use other brands that tastes great? Looking for suggestions on what others like in the backwoods for meals. Thanks
  2. L

    CA Blacktail Hunting

    Drew a B zone tag for a CA blacktail hunt. It will be my first time for blacktail and first time in that zone, as I usually head out for muleys. For anyone who has hunted both, are there major behavioral differences between the two species, even though technically blacktail is a subspecies of...
  3. boliep

    Barrett Fieldcraft 30-06

    Barrett Fieldcraft lightweight bolt action rifle. 24 inch barrel. Stainless Steel. I bought this rifle new. It is an early one with a low 3 digit serial number. Easy to carry and reliable. This rifle is like new. There are no marks on it anywhere. Selling rifle only. $1350.00 shipped to the...
  4. IdahoHunter208

    Archery Antelope

    Any tips or tricks on archery hunting antelope? I will be hunting in Southwest Idaho in early September. Temps normally around 65-75 degrees. Ground blind or spot and stock? Tips? Decoy?
  5. S

    Idaho Elk Hunt 2019

    I'm looking for some info/tips on elk hunting in Idaho. We will be going in mid October hunting the middle fork zone. None of us live near the area and can't take the time off to do a scouting trip so its basically been all E-scouting. That being said, I feel like we have found a good spot...
  6. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Straight Jacket Armory is offering a HUGE sale on the Packlite Rifles that weight less than EIGHT pounds, make this hunting season the best you can and avoid carrying that heavy heavy rifle. we have extended the sale! with a new batch of stocks unspoken for, and some actions starting to free...
  7. Nick@Straight-Jacket


    Straight Jacket Armory is offering a HUGE sale on the Packlite Rifles that weight less than EIGHT pounds, make this hunting season the best you can and avoid carrying that heavy heavy rifle. 5/28-5-31 ONLY!! (Orders VIA phone in Only on rifles)-(307) 707-3181 Financing Available on...
  8. C

    Best large cooler (that's not a Yeti)

    I'm in the market for a new, large cooler. Ideally looking for at least a 150 quart size. What is the best value cooler out there nowadays? It would need to retain ice for a least 5 days. I know Yeti has a strong following, but there's no way that $680+ is value for a cooler (at least in my...
  9. Bjt308

    Walkers game ear RAZOR XV

    Brand New Walkers Game Ear Razor XV. Asking $90.00 shipped from Worland, WY.
  10. P

    Long range all around western rifle

    Hey everybody. So I'm looking to buy a rifle that is a good all around long range hunting rifle. Something that can reach out 1000 yards and kill am elk with confidence. But also a gun I would mind taking a pronghorn with. I'm looking to buy one stock, not build. Right now I'm looking at the...
  11. BASE424

    Tuning an M—77 Mark II 30.06

    I’m trying to do a buddy a solid and build him a hunting round for his Ruger M-77 Mark II in 30.06. I’ve put a Timney and an H-S Preciscion stock on it. I’ve been testing seating depth with Berger VLD Hunters 168gr. with a moderate load of Varget. I haven’t been able to get them to group at all...
  12. D

    Cabelas Meindl Alaskan Size 11 Hunting/hiking Boots

    A pair of Cabelas Meindl Alaskan size 11 Hunting/hiking boots. Condition is Pre-owned. The following is from the Cabelas Site: Maximum support is needed in steep, rocky terrain, so they're built with a super-stiff insole for stability and extreme torsional rigidity. A DIGAfix® lacing system...
  13. Tuler

    How do you find a place to hunt?

    I've been hunting for around 30 years (since I was about 10) and have always relied on word of mouth to find my hunting spots. A few times we've gone to local fish and game offices to get lists of private hunting lands and maps of public hunting lands when we've had special tags to fill. How do...
  14. S

    Colorado GMU 521 Elk hunt 3rd Rifle Season 2019

    Hi all. Myself and 3 friends are going to be elk hunting the 3rd rifle season in Colorado GMU 521 this November. We are going to be in the Electric Mountain/Chalk Mountain area. We are taking ATV's and aren't afraid to hike quite aways to get into good hunting. We are all first time elk...
  15. P

    Access to public vs private land for hunting? Beginning of the end?

    Ive hunted public land my entire life, but lately have sensed a shift with some in the hunting crowd, to a focus on higher quality/paid hunting opportunities on private land... is this the way of the future or is it just making it easier for those of us with less and less time to put boots on...
  16. Unega Waya

    Optimal 300 wsm barrel length WITH suppressor

    Hello all, First post on here so if there are any rules I end up crossing please let me know, I’ll get it fixed ASAP. I also tried searching the threads, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for as most questions weren’t related to suppressor use. Question: What barrel length for 300...
  17. Batt4Christ

    Howdy from NW Arkansas!

    I have far fewer opportunities for "long range" hunting than I use to, but still get to hit a few fields now and then. The quest for accuracy, reliability, and terminal performance is a never-ending journey! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing!
  18. 3

    Zeiss Victory 2500 vs Leica Geovid 3000

    I was hoping somebody who owns either of these or can get their hands on them could do a review and or comparison? They have been out for a little while now and I'm having troubles finding alot of good information and reviews. I think alot of us would really like to see how well they do on soft...
  19. T

    Bad news for SW colorado elk

    Southwest Colorado elk herds in jeopardy Haven't been on in awhile so I had to start new account. No clue what my password was and I don't use that email anymore. Oh well. The article speaks for itself. In my own experience I have seen...
  20. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Razor Gen 2 MOA

    Perfect Condition. Not interested in any trades. Asking $1750 shipped to lower 48. Call or text with any questions. 406-548-7097