1. C

    Long range backpack rifle

    First post here after lurking for a long time. I am hopping to gain some advise from some of you. I am looking for my next rifle. A little back ground on me first, for context. I have two rifles so far, a savage 111 lrh in 6.5/284 Norma, and a savage 110 tactical in 6.5 Creedmoor. Both shoot...
  2. tactlt

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle Appears Unfired, Caliber 300 Dakota Early (3 digit SN) Custom Built by Don Allen and Pete Grisel co-founder of the American Custom Gun Makers Guild Extraordinary Figured Walnut Stock, Wrap Around Multi-Point Checkering, Shadow Line Cheekpiece...
  3. IdahoHunter208

    Best long range 6.5mm/.264 caliber for hunting deer sized animals

    You get 2 votes. Make em good.
  4. NEMTHunter

    Montana 2019 Hunting Season. What did you Draw??

    Howdy yall. What have you all drawn for this year? (2019) If you want name the district. Maybe we could meet up in the field! Also what season does it cover Rifle or Archery? I will start out. I got a 631 Either Sex tag for Elk. Rifle season Only. Thanks! and Happy Hunting!
  5. O

    combo hunt in wyoming antelope and deer

    My question is this, I am a non resident wanting to hunt in wyoming for antelope and mule deer at the same time, I have no points, and find the web-site and the reg. book really difficult to navigate, the unit boundaries are not the same, so trying to do the research is difficult for the same...
  6. C

    Zeiss V6 5-30x50 opinions?

    Has anyone used the Zeiss V6 5-30? How does it stack up to the other high end scopes in that class? Leupold VX6-hd, Nightforce SHV, and Swarovski? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Colby
  7. C

    Opinions on VX6-HD 4-24

    I have seriously been thinking on purchasing VX6-HD 4-24. I would like to know how it stacks up to other high end scopes? Any feed back is greatly appreciated. I do already have the Zeiss HD 5 and a Nightforce NXS and SHV. THANK YOU, Colby Couch.
  8. V

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 VLS 6mm Varmint 26” barrel LNIB

    Remington 700 VLS 6mm Varmint 26” barrel LNIB Here is a classic you don’t see every day. A few years back Remington made a special run of these rifles. I picked one up new in hopes of using it for long range varmint hunting. Well, it has become the safe queen since purchased except the time I...